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Essential Oils That Help Remove Warts

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Ugly and highly contagious — these are the main reasons why you have to zap a wart the minute it makes its presence known. Certainly, you wouldn’t want that hideous growth to infect a family member or sweetheart of yours. Warts can easily spread to another person, although it also depends on how strong his or her immune system is.

Luckily, there are numerous home remedies available for a wart. Some of the most effective ones are essential oils, in particular those that are capable of killing off the virus behind it, which is the human papillomavirus or HPV. As soon as HPV is gone, the growth on your skin will slowly go away on its own.

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Here are some powerful essential oils that are proven to make a wart disappear in no time:

Oregano Essential Oil

It is said that this particular essential oil is highly capable of burning a wart, which is actually an excellent way to make it die out. Also, oregano essential oil contains the so-called “carvacrol”. According to experts, it’s a compound that possesses amazing antiviral properties.

Clove Essential Oil

Another essential oil that has that virus-killing carvacrol is clove essential oil. Studies have shown that there are also a bunch of other antiviral compounds present in it, such as eugenol and thymol. In addition, clove essential oil helps alleviate pain that some warts bring, such as those that are located on the feet.

Tea Tree Essential Oil

Numerous listings of home remedies for various skin problems mention tea tree essential oil. Well, it’s something that is also very good against an ugly-looking wart. Tea tree essential oil has some of the most potent compounds proven scientifically to kill off all sorts of microbes, including HPV.

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Eucalyptus Essential Oil

A lot of individuals are aware that eucalyptus essential oil is a phenomenal remedy for various digestive issues such as nausea and vomiting. However, not that many people know that it’s also a wonderful antiviral agent. This is exactly the reason why you can always count on eucalyptus essential oil if you are bugged by a wart.

Peppermint Essential Oil

Just like eucalyptus essential oil, this one is also a popular remedy for problems concerning the GI tract. Similarly, it’s capable of making a wart go away. However, experts say that it’s a good idea to rely on peppermint essential oil during the early stages of a wart because that’s the time when it’s highly effective against it.

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Ginger Essential Oil

So many people count on ginger essential oil each time they are feeling queasy or their acid reflux is acting up. Well, this very popular home remedy is also very good at making a wart go away, courtesy of its antiviral properties. A lot of traditional healers usually combine it with other essential oils for managing warts.

Lemongrass Essential Oil

The citrusy aroma of lemongrass essential oil can help lift the mood, and that’s why it is a popular all-natural remedy for mild depression. Here’s one more reason why lemongrass essential oil can put a big smile on your face: studies have shown that it’s capable of killing off HPV, thus it’s a great wart zapper.

Manuka Essential Oil

Have you heard about manuka honey that is known to possess superb antibiotic properties, and that’s why it is being used in many hospitals? Well, there’s also manuka essential oil which is derived from the leaves of the manuka plant, and it’s known to be very good against skin problems caused by viruses, such as warts.

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Got warts on your private parts? Make sure to consult a doctor about it before you attempt to deal with it at home using essential oils or any other natural remedy.

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