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Tiny Changes That Make You More Attractive

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When you think about being attractive, the first thing we think is about physical attractiveness. Most tips out there will also tell you how you can be more physically attractive to other people. But, have you ever wondered if there is something that you can do that isn’t about makeup or clothes than can make you more attractive? The simple answer is yes. We’ve asked body language and psychology experts, long term couples and relationship gurus on what people can do to become more attractive that isn’t appearance based. Here are some tips they shared with us. For the good, the bad and the life changing. Here are tiny changes that make you more attractive.

The Way You Sit

Have you ever noticed how some people come off attractive by the little things they do. Most of the time we sit around. We do this when we eat, at work or even when we commute. This simple action that can do can actually make us more attractive to others. Simply tweaking your body movements can instantly change your aura. According to a social experiment men that sit using up minimal space (legs together, arms close to the body and hunched back) tend to appear timid and aloof. Men that sit in a position that take too much space appear arrogant and dominating. Women find men in between more approachable and men that are more likely to be in a relationship with. Women that tend to hunch their back or place their legs in awkward positions appear less attractive than women who have proper posture and crosses their leg. The participants said that when the women (subject) change her posture appeared more feminine and confident making her more attractive.

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Some people are attracted just by how funny they are. Participants were asked if it is important for their partner to have a sense of humor. The result was an overwhelming YES. People with a sense of humor appear to be more happy go lucky in life and do not take life too seriously. They keep a positive attitude that can be contagious. Partners are more willing to be with a partner that will make them laugh at the end of the day than someone who is attractive, but have a dry personality. A small thing you can also do to make you more attractive is to laugh more often. People that laugh more appear more open and approachable. Women find men that laugh in a low tone and with their shoulder appear more attractive and women that use soft tones and small hand gestures appear more attractive.

Hand Gestures

We constantly use hand gestures when we talk, making it an important part of our body language. This is also something that a lot of people notice from us. Recent studies show that the opposite sex prefers men that have smaller and less hand gestures than men that tend to use it a lot more or have more exaggerated movements. Men find women with slow and close to the body hand gesture to be more feminine and approachable. However, some women prefer men that have bigger gestures and women that are more into physical contact for hook ups.

Pearly Whites

Yes, simply smiling more often can make you more attractive. It makes people appear more open to conversation. Studies also showed that people with white and evenly sized/spaced teeth seem more attractive. According to studies, our teeth acts as the human version of the peacock’s tail. This is said to be a sign of healthy genes that makes you more attractive to potential mates. Men and women that also show their teeth when they smile appear more attractive than men who do not.

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Brooding and Mysterious

There is a reason why most brooding and mysterious characters on TV seem so attractive, even when the actor isn’t as good looking. Recent studies have shown that women find men that tend to laugh more often are less attractive. However, men that smile more are categorize into people that would make a good husband or boyfriend. This also goes the same when it comes to women except for brooding – the more mysterious they seem the more attractive they are. However, men look for happiness in potential wife or girlfriend.

If we live in the perfect world, people will say that they find other people attractive from their personality. However, we live in a physical world. From judging attractiveness from pictures of how they walk on the street. Without changing too much of your physical appearance, there are a lot of things that you can do to increase your attractiveness. We hope that these simple tips, activities and changes can help you in a way. Try them out and share with us your experience.

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