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Beauty Benefits of Apple Seed Oil

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It’s quite obvious where apple seed oil comes from. Not too many people know that this beneficial oil is being used in the manufacturing of all sorts of cosmetic products, from lotions to make ups. That’s because of the fact that it contains antioxidants, healthy fat, amino acids and various minerals — all of which are great for the skin!

Applying apple seed oil on the skin helps provide hydration and nourishment. It also encourages the production of more collagen, a structural protein that makes your skin firm, thus keeping it from being wrinkled. Unlike most other healthy oils, apple seed oil is a delight to use because it boasts of a mild and sweet fragrance.

So without further ado, let’s take a look at some of the well-documented beauty benefits of apple seed oil:

Protection From the Harmful UV Rays of the Sun

Skincare experts say that apple seed oil has the ability to shield the skin from the UV rays given off by the sun. In other words, it helps ward off sunburn and unwanted skin darkening. However, apple seed oil is not intended to replace sunscreen which is a must-have these days, especially one that has an SPF of at least 15.

Lowering of Skin Cancer Risk

Too much exposure to the sun’s UV rays can also increase your risk of having skin cancer, which is something that can be so deadly if it’s not detected and treated during its early stages. One of the ways to lower your odds of ending up with skin cancer is by applying apple seed oil, again because of its ability to deflect UV rays given off by the sun.

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Avoidance of Excessive Skin Dryness

One of the most important steps that should be taken by beauty-conscious women is keeping the skin moisturized. Some of the best moisturizers on the planet are those that come from nature, such as apple seed oil. A thin layer of this sweet-smelling oil creates an invisible barrier that saves moisture in the skin from evaporating.

Reduction of Formation of Fine Lines and Wrinkles

Naturally, keeping the skin moisturized helps in the prevention of the formation of fine lines and wrinkles. It also helps make already present ones less noticeable as hydration makes the skin plump and youthful-looking. Apple seed oil is one of the best skin moisturizers out there because it’s all-natural, which means it’s devoid of harmful substances.

Enhancement of Collagen Synthesis

Another reason why apple seed oil helps prevent or reduce fine lines and wrinkles is this: it encourages the production of more collagen. By increasing the amount of collagen in the skin tissues, fine lines and wrinkles can be considerably reduced. Thanks to apple seed oil, you don’t have to buy one of those super pricey collagen-containing serums.

Prevention of Skin Damage by Free Radicals

There are tons of antioxidants present in apple seed oil, and this is exactly the reason why it’s something that can help delay unwanted aging of the skin. Antioxidants neutralize those excess free radicals that damage skin cells and accelerate skin aging. In other words, apple seed oil is nature’s anti-aging beauty product.

Elimination of Stubborn Pimples and Acne

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Apple seed oil contains compounds that have antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties. Due to this, people who are bugged by pimples as well as acne can rely on the said oil. The fact is there are lots of pimple- and acne-fighting preparations out there that use apple seed as one of their most important active ingredients.

Lessening of Unsightly Stretch Marks

Do you have stretch marks that make you self-conscious each and every time? According to skincare experts, regularly massaging apple seed oil on areas that are marred by those hideous stretch marks can work wonders. Women who are in the family way can benefit tremendously from the use of apple seed oil throughout their pregnancy.

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