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The Wellness Benefits of Knitting

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Knitting is not a necessary skill that we must learn, but developing the ability to create wonderful pieces of art from nothing can be a very satisfying experience. Apart from the tangible works of art that you can produce from knitting, you can also reap other wellness benefits from it.

1.It gives you a sense of pride

Not everyone knows how to knit these days. It’s an art form that is for the patient, and in this fast-paced world full of convenience only a few can master this skill. Presenting your creations to others will give you a sense of pride like no other. Of course, people are going to be in awe with your unique creations and may even request for you to knit them scarves too!

2.It delivers the same benefits as that of meditation

Once you have nailed down the basics of knitting, you will then dive into a relaxing experience whenever you do. Simple projects can help you zone out and feel calm despite the fact that your hands are doing something else. The rhythmic and repetitive motions stimulate relaxation; the same amount and feeling that meditation brings to its practitioners.

3.It reduces symptoms related to stress, anxiety, and depression

People suffering from anxiety episodes can pick up knitting as a hobby to alleviate symptoms. Studies reveal that the rhythmic motions and sense of focus needed for knitting can even reduce stress levels, reduce heart rate, and lower blood pressure levels. So if you want a non-pharmaceutical way of managing stress, anxiety, and even depression, reach for those knitting needles and build something positive out of a bad situation instead.

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4.Knitting improves motor function

This activity involves the use of the entire brain all at the same time- from the frontal lobe that controls rewards, processing, planning, and attention, the parietal lobe that manages sensory information and spatial navigation, the occipital lobe that processes virtual information, and the temporal lobe that is in control of memories, language interpretation, and meaning. With all the brain regions involved during a knitting session, experts believe that such an activity can significantly help people with motor-impaired conditions such as Parkinson’s to improve their motor faculties. It can improve their fine motor skills as well as distract them from feeling the other painful symptoms associated with Parkinson’s.

5.It slows down cognitive decline

As mentioned earlier, knitting involves the use of the brain, thus the activity stimulates to functional optimally. Studies suggest that the more frequent we use our brains in doing activities, the healthier and stronger it becomes. According to Mayo Clinic, seniors who find themselves interested in crafts including knitting are up to 50% less likely to suffer from cognitive impairment than those who do nothing.

6.It helps in the prevention of arthritis and tendinitis

Aside from healthier brain function as a result of knitting, you can improve your joints as well by picking up this hobby. According to health experts, the motions of knitting that which involves the use of all the gingers make the cartilage stronger and more resistant to wear and tear. In fact, knitting is a better and healthier activity than typing. Knitting does not place too much strain on the fingers, but is not that strenuous that you’ll have
to worry about long-term, permanent joint problems in the future.

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Now that you are well aware of the unexpected benefits of knitting, head over to the nearest craft store to buy your tools and materials! You can check out free knitting classes for beginners in your community or head out to YouTube for fast and easy tutorials by expert knitters.

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