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Start Your Day With Poha and Enjoy These Benefits

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Long before cornflakes came into being, there was poha — a treat originating from India that consists of flattened rice. Many people believe that poha is the very first fast food, owing to its ability to be prepared in just a few minutes.

There are many ways to prepare poha, which means that it is highly versatile. Sometimes it is simply boiled just like oatmeal, while other times it is sautéed with a bunch of healthy ingredients like tomatoes and potatoes. No matter how it’s prepared, one thing remains true: poha is good for you.

We all know that most of today’s breakfast cereals are loaded with sugar, flavorings and other stuff that can easily ruin your health. White breads which are also breakfast staples are just as bad for you.

Oatmeal, on the other hand, can be very good for you provided that you top it with healthy ingredients only. Some good examples are blueberries and slices of peaches. Topping a serving of oatmeal with Greek yogurt or a tablespoon of peanut butter is also a wonderful idea to make that good old breakfast treat healthier and more palatable.

But are you already sick and tired of having oatmeal during each and every breakfast? Once in a while, you may switch to poha. Just like oatmeal, it can be topped with an assortment of healthy stuff.

When your breakfast meal is something healthy and quite interesting such as poha, you will find it easier to steer clear of anything that’s terrible to have at the start of your day. One of the nicest thing about poha is it supplies your body with energy, thus jumpstarting your day. It is also loaded with fiber, so your tummy can feel full for a much longer period of time, keeping you from having those figure-wrecking hunger pangs.

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Poha can be easily purchased from the nearest Asian grocer near you. Basically, you have to soak this healthy treat from India in water for 3 to 4 minutes after rinsing it very well. Afterwards, it has to be drained. From that moment on, it’s practically just your imagination that can keep you from having a delightful serving of poha.

You can boil it in water for a few minutes to end up with an alternative to oatmeal, which you can top with your favorite healthy toppings. You may choose to sauté it in olive oil together with chopped up vegetables and a dash of your favorite herbs for a really hearty and exotic breakfast.

No matter which way you like to enjoy a bowl of poha, you will still get these perks:

Lowered Anemia Risk

Poha actually supplies the body with good amounts of iron, which means that your risk of having iron-deficiency anemia can be lowered. Poha is especially good for women who have heavy periods and those who are pregnant as all of them are considered as at high risk of ending up anemic.

Increased Energy Levels

There are bad carbs and then there are good carbs, which you can obtain from poha. It’s important to have your body supplied with good carbs at breakfast to get yourself ready for the busy day ahead. Poha slowly but steadily releases sugar into your bloodstream to ward off the negatives associated with spikes in sugar levels.

Optimized Digestion

It is a good idea for you to eat breakfast foods that are easily digested to ward off abdominal pain and bloating, and that is why poha makes for the perfect treat in the morning. Poha also helps good bacteria in your gut to multiply, as well as promotes regular bowel movement due to the fiber it contains.

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Reduced Unwanted Pounds

Being high in fiber and extremely low in fat, it is a wonderful idea for anyone who wishes to slim down to add poha in his or her diet regularly, most especially every morning. Paired with enough physical activity, the consumption of poha can make it easier to get rid of those excess inches around the waist.

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