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Eyeshadow Mistakes We Need To Stop Doing

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Eyeshadow- one of the most basic makeup item. The instructions for applying it is as simple as it can get. Just dip your applicator on the product and swipe it on your lids, simple as that. Well, it seems like eyeshadows are one of the most difficult products to apply. With different pigments, colors, application method, eye shapes and so on; there are a hundred ways to get it wrong.

Eyeshadows are so much more than just applying a flattering color to your eyelids to add some pop or using it to accentuate your eye color. Like most things you need to learn the dos and don’ts to get it right. We could use some recapping about eyeshadow. We can’t always rely on applying mascara and eyeliner to create definition on the eyes. Get to know these eyeshadow mistakes and learn to prevent them.

Using the Same Applicator

Have you ever wondered why there are about 2 to 3 types of eyeshadow applicator of basic makeup brush sets? Well, the basic brushes are designed for large applications, small application and for blending. Using the same applicator to do these three jobs will be difficult and messy. Even with small applicators. Using these small applicator to apply and to blend the eyeshadow can add too much pigment at once, making it impossible to blend. The eyeshadow will tend to build up and look muddy. When applying eye shadow make sure to use a different applicator to blend everything together.

Forgetting To Blend

One of the most important thing to never forget is to blend your makeup. This goes for everything, blending your concealer to your foundation, blending your contour to your face and so on. This is an incredibly important part when it comes to eyeshadow application. Not blending your eyeshadow will give you that dead smack pigmented color in your eye like you got smacked by a paintbrush. You don’t want any harsh lines or heavy pigments in your eyes. You look sloppy and dirty. Use a blending brush to create dimensions while you blend.

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Concealer before Eye Shadow

This is somewhat a difficult scenario. Since it is best to get your base makeup done before applying any of your eye makeup, but when it comes to your under eye area it’s best to do it after. This will prevent you from messing your makeup and making removing stray eyeshadows easier. Concealers tend to be dense, making it absorb eyeshadow powder faster. Applying and blending your eyeshadow is the best way to go, after this dab your concealer on your under eye area. Don’t worry if you’ve already applied you concealer, just apply a thick amount of powder above the under eye area to make sweeping the excess powder easier.

Product below the Eye

When applying eyeshadow on the under eye area, it’s best to keep it light. Applying too much eyeshadow on the under eye area can make it look too heavy and make the eyes look tired and unfocused. It’s best to keep it near the lash line and blend it well. You can use it concealers to prevent your eyeshadow from falling down.

Matching Eyeshadow Color to Your Eye Color

There is a common makeup myth that your eyeshadow should match your eye color. If you imagine that to be true, there will only be a few shades of eyeshadow available to the public and people with brown eyes can only stick to brown eyeshadow. So, we are here to confirm that no you don’t have to match your eyeshadow to your eye color. When it comes to picking colors always look for one that is opposite the color chart to help eye color pop. For example, if you have blue eyes, yellow or gold undertone eyeshadows will make it pop.

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Shimmery Eyeshadow

Shimmery eyeshadows are great when adding some sheen to eyes, but these types of eyeshadow can accentuate fine lines and wrinkles in the eyelid. It’s best to avoid using this type of eye shadow when you start to see wrinkles and stick to flattering matte shades.

We all love to add some definition to our eyes and one the best and easiest ways is to dab on some eyeshadow. Get to know this common eyeshadow mistakes to prevent you from doing them. Don’t forget to finish your eye makeup with eyeliner and mascara to finish the look. 

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