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Foods to Get Glowing Skin This Winter

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Do you suffer from dry and itchy skin, especially during the winter? Do you experience lifeless and complexion due to the low temperature? The winter season can be harsh on the skin and can cause various irritations. From itchiness to full blown allergies. This is the best time to pack on dozen of moisturizers to prevent dryness. Continual application of moisturizer can help keep the skin healthy and drinking plenty of liquids can help hydrate you from the inside out.

Besides these two tips, what other ways can you help protect your skin from the harsh winter weather? The answer is the food you eat. There are certain foods that can help prevent and reduce winter skin problems.

Let’s take a look at these foods that can give your glowing skin this winter.

Olive Oil

Olive is a great ingredient to any healthy dish. This natural oil is high in fatty acids, vitamin E and vitamin A. This nutrient and minerals together can guarantee glowing and healthy skin. This can help hydrate the skin, make it firm and supple. Olive oil is rich in skin healthy antioxidant that can help reduce skin damage, prevent discoloration and remove free radicals.

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Avocados are one of the best natural ingredients you can have for your skin topically or for consuming. Avocados contain a lot of vitamins and nutrients like vitamin A, vitamin E and vitamin C. These components can give the skin a healthy glow and prevent skin damage from the harsh weather. It also contains monounsaturated fats that can help retain and acquire moisture to prevent the skin from drying up. Avocados are one of the best fruits you can consume to keep your skin healthy this winter.

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Grapefruit is known for its weight loss benefits, but this incredible fruit can also help prevent your skin from drying up during the winter season. This fruit is high in vitamin C that can help your immune system and increase your fight against skin problems. Grapefruits are also high in lycopene, a chemical that can make the skin smooth and give it that rosy glow. The components of grapefruit can also protect you from harmful UV rays.


Broccoli is high in vitamins, nutrients and low in calories. This cruciferous vegetable is great for the skin and body. Broccoli contains high amounts of vitamin A and vitamin C that can reduce the appearance of scars and keep the skin healthy. Vitamin C can help increase the production of collagen and maintain it. Broccoli contains B vitamins that can help prevent and cure flaky and dry skin.


Carrots are one of the best vegetable to have during this cold season. This vitamin and nutrient rich vegetable can keep the skin glowing, nourished and healthy. Carrots contain vitamin A, antioxidants and carotene that can help fight of skin irritation. Antioxidants can help fight off signs of aging, scars, pigmentation and more. Like avocados, carrots contain lycopene that can help protect the skin from harmful UV rays.

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Spinach is a great source of iron that is essential for healthy skin during this winter season. This leafy green is a powerhouse of vitamins, antioxidant and nutrients for a healthy mind, skin and hair. The antioxidants in spinach can help fight of flaky skin, irritation and infections. The iron in spinach can also give you a natural reddish glow and fight of anemia.

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Natural emollients can help reduce dry skin and hydrate the skin. Almonds are known to be natural emollients. Besides its ability to hydrate the skin almonds contain high amounts of vitamin E. This vitamin can help protect the skin from UV rays and keep it nourished. The antioxidants in almonds can also fight off signs of aging.


Salmons are high in omega 3 fatty acids, these can help remove flaky and dry skin. If you’re not much of a salmon person, other fatty fish such as mackerel and tuna can work the same way. Fatty fishes contain vitamin D and fatty acids that can keep your skin looking healthy and glowing this winter.

These are some of the best foods to eat this winter to get glowing skin. The next time you go grocery shopping, think about these ingredients and keep your skin looking flawless and healthy this winter. Let us know your tips for keeping your skin healthy this cold season. 

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