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The Perks of Adding Butter to Your Coffee

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Do you routinely add creamer or milk in your coffee to make it smooth and rich? Well, there is something else that you may stir in your favorite cup of java to give it a creamy texture, plus augment the benefits offered by the well-loved beverage! It’s the one you spread on toast and use for baking — butter!

Actually, the practice of adding butter to coffee is not a new idea. For centuries now, people from various places in Asia have been making their coffee velvety and tastier with butter.

You, too, can do the same and start enjoying coffee in a whole new way. But before you do so, let’s make one thing clear: the kind of butter that’s perfect for the job is grass-fed. Just like what the name says, the super creamy substance is made from the milk of cows fed with grass. In other words, grass-fed butter is good for you!

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A tablespoonful of grass-fed butter is all that it takes to make your cup of coffee richer, tastier and healthier. Here are some of the wonderful perks to enjoy by drinking coffee with butter in it:


Reduced Joint Pain and Swelling

Are you always bugged by joints that are stiff, achy and inflamed? Consider having a cup of coffee with butter first thing in the morning — and a few cups more throughout the day. Butter, in particular the grass-fed kind, is a wonderful source of omega-3 fatty acids, which are healthy fats that are superb at controlling inflammation.


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Lowered Heart Disease Risk

Omega-3 fatty acids in grass-fed butter are also very good at combating heart disease. That’s because they help lower LDL or low-density lipoprotein (or bad cholesterol) as well as the blood pressure. Both high bad cholesterol levels and hypertension are some of the risk factors for heart disease, say doctors.


Increased Energy Levels That Last

We all know that a cup of coffee can give you a boost of energy. However, it doesn’t tend to last for a long time — eventually, it will plummet. Did you know that the addition of butter can make that energy boost last much longer? The calories butter packs augment the energy-giving benefits of caffeine found in your cup of joe.


Reduced Sensitivity to Caffeine

Speaking of caffeine, those who are sensitive to the said chemical can benefit from adding butter to their coffee. Why? That’s because butter is said to dampen the unfavorable side effects of caffeine, such as anxiety, hand tremors and lightheadedness. Oh, and butter also helps make coffee a little friendlier to those with acid reflux!

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Strengthened Bones

Because butter is a dairy product, it contains calcium which helps strengthen the bones. However, there is another nutrient in grass-fed butter that can help in warding off osteoporosis, and that’s vitamin K. The said vitamin helps prevent osteoporosis by making sure that calcium in your bones does not escape into your blood.


Extended Feeling of Fullness

Healthy fats found in grass-fed butter are heavy in your tummy. It’s exactly for this reason why a cup of coffee with a teaspoonful of butter dissolved in it can help keep hunger pangs at bay. This is definitely excellent news for coffee-lovers who are looking to shed off excess pounds!

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Decreased Amount of Abdominal Fat

Other than making you feel full for a longer period of time, adding butter to your coffee can also help you lose weight in an entirely different way. Experts say that grass-fed butter contains conjugated linoleic acid or CLA. Based on numerous studies, CLA helped zap belly fat even without changing the diet of the participants.

Try adding a teaspoonful of butter to your cup of coffee to enjoy these perks. Also, do feel free to place in the comments section below how you find the taste and texture of coffee with butter in it!

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