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Home Remedies for Tinea Faciei (Ringworm of the Face)

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A fungal infection may strike practically anywhere on your body, from your scalp, feet to your privates. Something that affects the face is referred to by medical professionals as “tinea faciei”. For everyone else, it’s just “ringworm of the face”. Children are more susceptible to having it, but adults may get it as well.

It can be easy to spot ringworm on the face as it presents itself as a circular patch that is scaly and usually in the color of pink or red. The fungal infection can be very itchy, and may feel more uncomfortable when exposed to the sun. What’s more, it causes facial hair in its path to be shed off.

Since it can easily spread to various areas of the body as well as other people, it’s very important for ringworm of the face to be seen by a dermatologist. He or she will prescribe an antifungal cream that can make the problem go away in a span of 4 to 6 weeks, provided the treatment is carried out by the individual religiously.

Aside from the form of treatment a skin specialist prescribes, there are also many different home remedies available for ringworm of the face. Some of the proven safe and effective are the following:

Coconut Oil

For hundreds of years now, coconut oil is being used for the treatment of various skin fungal infections, and that includes ringworm of the face. The said healthy oil is scientifically proven to be very effective in zapping fungi. Regular application of coconut oil on the affected area can make tinea faciei go away in no time.

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Apple Cider Vinegar

Just like coconut oil, apple cider vinegar is highly effective against ringworm of the face since it also possesses antifungal properties. Because apple cider vinegar will surely cause some stinging, you may have it diluted first with equal amounts of water before applying on the ringworm using a cotton swab.


Other than promoting a healthy cardiovascular system, did you know that garlic is also a superb home remedy for fungal infections? All you have to do is peel a garlic clove, slice it in half, and rub on the ringworm. If you are taking garlic oil capsules, you may also prick one and smear the contents on the affected area.

Tea Tree Oil

When powerful home remedies for fungal infections are the ones being talked about, it’s for certain that someone will mention tea tree oil, an amazing antifungal agent. Tea tree oil is so powerful that it needs to be diluted with carrier oil. It’s a great idea to apply tea tree oil on the ringworm for up to thrice a day for immediate results.

Lavender Oil

If you are into essential oils, check your stash to see if there’s a bottle of lavender oil, which is an effective remedy for ringworm on the face. It’s important to have it diluted first with carrier oil like jojoba oil, something that is said to complement the antifungal and skin soothing properties of lavender oil.


If you love cooking all sorts of Asian and Middle Eastern dishes, then you have in your kitchen a powerful home remedy for ringworm of the face: turmeric. All you have to do is come up with an all-natural antifungal paste by adding a few drops of water to a teaspoon of turmeric. Apply this paste regularly on the trouble spot.

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Aloe Vera Gel

Many people know that the gel inside the aloe vera leaf is very good at eliminating aging signs. Did you know that it’s also an excellent home remedy for tinea faciei because it possesses antifungal properties? Also, the soothing properties of aloe vera gel can help lessen itchiness associated with the problem.

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