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Remove Hair Color Naturally

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Dyeing your hair adds more character to your overall appearance but when the color is starting to fade or you are planning on wearing a different color, most likely you will be going back to your hair stylist to remove the existing color. This can be a bit expensive on your part. What’s more, you might not have enough time to spare to head to your hair stylist. If this is the case, the good news is that you can get rid of your existing hair color naturally.

Below are some examples of how to remove hair color naturally but it is important to take note that the results may vary depending on your hair type, the color of your hair, and the method that you are using.

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Vitamin C treatment.

This treatment works on semi-permanent colors and can actually lighten the color of your hair up to 2 shades thanks to the citric acid present in vitamin C. However, you should keep in mind that this treatment can cause dryness in your hair and skin irritation. A quick fix for this is to use deep conditioning to help nourish the hair. For this treatment you will need to combine a large amount of shampoo with 1gm of powdered vitamin C and massage on your hair. Cover your hair with a shower cap and leave it for 5 to 10 minutes or check every now and then until you achieve the tone you are looking for. Rinse afterwards then apply deep conditioner.

Baking soda and dandruff shampoo.

Another solution to help remove hair color is baking soda and dandruff shampoo. Mix the two ingredients and wash your hair with it several times. This mixture will help get rid of the color especially when you’re wearing semi-permanent hair color. The baking soda is the one that acts as a bleaching agent but if there is no baking soda in the store you can just use your dandruff shampoo until the color disappears.

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Bleach bath.

For this natural treatment you will need shampoo and bleaching agent. First you need to combine 20 volume peroxide with a bleaching powder following the ratio of 1:1. Add the same amount of shampoo. Apply the mixture immediately but make sure that you are careful in handling it because the bleaching agent can irritate your skin or damage your clothing. Check your hair every five minutes up to 30 minutes before washing your hair. This will help lighten your hair color but may affect the natural color of your hair so exercise caution.

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Bath salts.

If you’re granny has been using bath salts to alleviate her aches and pains then you’re in luck because you can use the same product to lighten your hair color. All that you have to do is to run a bath then add the bath salts and soak your hair as long as you want. The hair color is usually drawn out using this treatment and if there are plenty of pigments in your hair, you can easily see your bath water changing color. This treatment is perfect for those wearing semi-permanent hair color.

Bleach powder and water.

This hair color removal method is ideal for removing tone as well as light staining on your hair. For this treatment, you just need to combine bleaching powder with warm water and apply on your hair. Make sure that you wear protective gear such as gloves and proper clothing to minimize the effects of the bleach on your outfit and skin. Don’t forget to do strand testing and sensitivity tests prior to using this method.

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