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Manage Temper Issues With Compassion Meditation

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Have you noticed how you blow-off when things do not go your way? Losing temper over a myriad of reasons is borderline acceptable. But when it happens on a regular basis and your short-temperedness had already affected on how people behave, this is already abnormal. Remember that human emotions are highly contagious. Losing one’s cool happen to the best of us, but normally this reaction usually fades away after an hour or so. If it does not, we are talking about something serious already, and you might need to seek medical help to solve this problem.

However, your hustle and bustle lifestyle does not permit you to do so. What is left to do is to do is to implement some self-help management strategy. One of the most effective ways to treat this behavior problem is meditation.

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One of the best ways to find a room for calm in your life is through loving-kindness or compassion meditation. It is one of the many forms of mindfulness meditation, where you consume yourself with thoughts of kindness and love both to an inward and outward direction.

The best way to start off compassion meditation is conditioning your thoughts that you need peacefulness and calm to reside in your mind. If there is utter chaos in every part of your life, do some cleaning first and present all the things that you might want to change in a platter. One of which is your short temper.

After setting aside this bad vibes platter, you need to master the art of correct mindful breathing by finding its center. Once you have done this assume a semi or a full-Lotus position. This will help facilitate meditation sooner than you have expected.

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Take a chosen mantra that fits your negative behavior. This mantra will be the anti-thesis of your short-temperedness; patience. If you are not aware of any meditative mantra, you can create a chant of your own. Be sure, that is tailor-fits the situation that you are at that moment. It is advisable that you keep it short and simple. Remember that the precepts of compassion meditation will require you to repeat this statement within a 10 to 15-minute period.

During compassion meditation let go of all the stress that you are feeling. Stress plays a big role on how you behave through actions. It is only through freedom from suffering that loving-kindness can create a positive change in your life,
leading you to be more patient and calm even during the most stressful of situations.

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