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Nail Trends to Watch Out in 2019

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Doing our nails may not be as an eye-catching piece as having a new hairdo or even wearing a new outfit, but they do help pull your overall look together especially when you choose the right colors and nail art to use. You’ve probably seen and done various nail arts and nail colors last year as women began using their nails as statement pieces too. We have seen some negative space art, leopard prints, flowers, and whatnot that are sure conversation-starters, and why not? The time and creativity used for these nail arts and colors are quite amazing.

And now that another year has passed, and we’re welcoming 2019, you’re probably in the lookout of what’s going to be hot in terms of nail-art and colors this year. Let’s see what the experts have to say.

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Texture transformed into fine arts

Nude and natural nail colors may no longer be the staple in many nail arts today, but rather there will be a return of playful colors that will grab attention. To create a more stunning piece of nail art, expect beads and other embellishments to be glued on nails in a more Fine Art style which will elevate your nails’ overall look.


You’ll probably find more nail arts using glitters to create stunning effects on nail for added texture as well. This will not go out of style any time soon.

Safer manicures

 People are becoming more aware of what they expose their skin to and being able to do the same with manicures is going to be a huge relief this year. Nail polish manufacturers are developing safer manicures that are free from toxic substances or are vegan to meet the needs of their clients. These types of manicures are sure to make more splashes in the market this year.

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Tortoiseshell nails

Brown shades as well as tortoiseshell prints are going to pop up this year because it can suit all kinds of skin tone. Even animal prints in this style will still be a trend because they add character to your nails and are super chic to look at too.

See-through nails

The appearance of jelly nails in the market has become a huge influence on see-through nail colors which will be a staple this year. If you are willing to make a fresh look on your nails using jelly nails, choose those that have pastel or neutral colors that have a 90s style t them such as lavender, pale gray, and even those shimmery and iridescent colors in warm neutrals or even in pinks. Pantone has chosen soybean, sweet lilac, as well as living coral among their choices for this year which means you’ll be seeing a lot of them in your nail salon this year.

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Sheer mixes with metallic

Who would have thought that you can up the ante with your sheer nail polish with metallic gold or even silver accents? Metal shapes, gold leave accents, and foils are subtle nail decorations that are quite chic to look at. This is ideal for those who are aiming for minimalist look on their nails.

Words on nails

The negative space design is going to be more diverse this year with half moons and French tips, with more graphics too. Experts recommend that you for understated colors to keep your nails fresh looking.

These are just a few examples of nail trends that you will need to keep an eye on this year as they promise to make nails that more interesting to look at.

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