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Home Remedies for Skin Tags

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What is a skin tag? These are benign growth that appears on the skin all over the body, but is mostly prominent in areas such as the armpit and neck. Anybody can be prone to acquiring skin tag, however people that tend to have lost weight, have excess skin or overweight are more prone to getting them. This is also prominent in women in their middle age or is pregnant. The cause of skin tag is unclear, but some research suggests that it can be triggered by excessive amount of growth hormones, insulin resistance. Human Papilloma Virus and chronic irritation.

Skin tags does not affect health at all, the whole reason of removing skin tags is for aesthetics. Some skin tags can be small enough that it can be left alone. Some skin tags grow big that it becomes noticeable from a distance. This can look ugly, especially noticeable areas such as the neck. Professionals can remove skin tags using minor surgery. Though, there are home remedies you can use to avoid paying a lot and reducing any chance of complication and pain. Below are some recommended home remedies for skin tag that you can use any time.

Home Remedies for Skin Tag

Baking Soda and Castor Oil

The best way to remove skin tag is to make the skin dry and dehydrated until it completely falls off. Skin tags are excess skin, so snipping it off can cause major health problem. There are different ways to remove skin tag, but the safest way is to never force, removing it by pulling, scratching or plucking it. Applying a good amount of baking soda and castor oil mixture on your skin tag can help the excess skin detaches from the skin. This mixture can help dry out the area and cause it to fall off after continued use. Mix two parts baking soda and one-part castor oil together and rub this mixture on your skin tag two to three times a day until it is completely gone. If your skin tag is on your face or anywhere that is prone to sensitivity, try a different remedy since this concoction can be too harsh for the face.

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Fingernail Polish

Fingernail polish is one of the best home remedy for skin tag. We recommend using clear nail polish, but any color would do. Apply a good coat of nail polish on your skin tag alone. Do this twice or thrice a day and continue for about two weeks. If your skin tag seems to be larger than a regular mole, then it may take about a month of this remedy to completely remove the skin tag. The nail polish will dry out your skin and cause it to harden and fall off. This remedy is not ideal for the facial area, private areas and any part of your body that has sensitive skin.

Tag Tying

A simple trick to removing skin tag is tag tying. It is basically tying a thread or dental floss around the skin tag to cut off circulation. Leaving the thread on your skin tag can stop the flow in the area, causing it to get dehydrated and fall. This won’t leave any serious scars that may lead to infections. Though, it is advised to only use this remedy for up to six days, if the skin tag doesn’t fall off opt for a different remedy to avoid getting skin infection. Do not tie the thread too tight that it causes pain. Tie it around by twisting the thread around the tag and do not tie a knot for easy removal.

Cutting it Off

This remedy will take a lot of preparation and consultation from your dermatologist before even thinking about trying it. Without some basic understanding of your skin tag, you can cause excessive bleeding, infection and scarring. The first thing you need to do is to consult your doctor that your skin tag is actually a skin tag not a mole. Removing moles can be highly dangerous. Once you get the confirmation, cleanse the area with rubbing alcohol and ask someone to do this procedure if the area is hard to reach. Use tweezers to pull the tag and use a sharp scissor to cut it off instantly. Depending on the size of your skin tag, you will experience some pain. Add pressure to the area to reduce bleeding or bruising.

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Above are some of the easiest and fastest home remedies for skin tag. Though, it is important to be careful with these remedies and know the exact procedures, caution and after care to use. Do not try them if you are allergic to one or more of the ingredients. The outcome can be different for each person, do not expect it to work immediately. It’s best to consult your personal physician before undergoing a remedy to avoid any problems.

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