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Photography Tips for Beauty Blogs

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Setting up your own beauty blog is a huge step for you for sure and because of this, you will need to come up with photos that will make your articles that more interesting. Let’s admit it, reading an article online without any photo can be extremely boring and will make us move on to the next site. The problem with taking your own photos is that they may not be as good as you might think and if your photo is anything but good, it will not help your site at all.

The good news is that you can actually make your beauty photos that more interesting with the right photography tips such as the ones below.

Depth of field

You will find that many beauty blogs have photos that use depth of field which you need to apply on your own photos. Think about your photo as layers. You have foreground, background, and everything in between. To achieve this, try choosing a layer and your beauty product that you wish to focus on that specific layer. If you can achieve depth within that layer then all well and good. It will make your shot that more lively to look at too which you need if you want your photos to be more engaging.


Another thing to consider when it comes to beauty photography is lighting. Well, this should be something you need to take into consideration when you are taking photos of anything. Instead of taking a photo in direct lighting, place it near a light source. Play around with the light as much as possible so you can get that natural look to your photo. There are times when your photos become more flattering when the light is coming from either side or when your object is facing the light itself. Keep in mind that natural light is much better but if you don’t have any available, choose a good light source to keep your photos natural looking.

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Composition is important when it comes to shooting photos for your beauty blog. Flat lays can be a good start or you can throw things around even outside the shooting range of your photos if you like to make the shot more natural looking. You can play with the composition of your shot until you find one that works best for your product.


You can create a whole new story to your photos by adding props to it. Since you are writing a beauty blog, the props that you are using should be related to what you are promoting or writing about. Hair pins, brushes, and the like are good extra images as long as they don’t clutter your photo too much. Keep things simple because if your photo becomes too cluttered, it will be hard for your viewers to understand what your photo is all about.

Alternative backgrounds

Another thing to consider when it comes to shooting photos is that sometimes using different backgrounds, instead of white, can add more depth to your photos. It’s true that white can make your subject stand out but trying out different backgrounds like wooden panels, black cloth, and the like can make your product even more interesting. Even something simple as colored cards can do the trick. 

These photography tips can help make your photos look better for your beauty blog. Try practicing with your shots using these tips and you’ll find that your pictures will look much better compared to before. For sure, you will find it easier to make your photos fit your beauty blog.

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