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Basic Survival: Don’t Forget to Drink Water First Thing in the Morning

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It makes sense to even have at least enough sips of water to moisten your whole mouth and line your throat with enough moisture so that you do not cough from the sandy sensation of dehydration. Truth is people tend to forget to hydrate a lot and are into sugary and caffeinated drinks which dehydrate you even more in the not so long run.

A lot of illness get worsened or caused by lack of mindfulness of one’s own wellbeing, one of the main things being water is not drunk enough. 8 glasses sounds too little for some people and for others they do not even have over 3 glasses! When one’s life is fast paced, busy and often isolated in one spot we tend to forget to feed ourselves and even bath properly, with all the available drinks around us offering a burst of energy we sip a large container of tea and/or coffee over the course of a day and barely have enough water.

Well you have to stop for a moment and think back on your eating, sleeping and drinking habits. Oh and throw in mild exercise in there as well, you really just have to start out with 15-20 minutes a day and level up from there. A well balanced diet is crucial and often overlooked by many and forgetting to drink water is just so unimaginable for someone who has converted to being on the mindful and healthier side.

Keep in mind!

*Drinking water first thing in the morning is crucial and should either be done first or done second to expelling urine. This sudden plunge of life-giving water to the body will encourage the body to produce new blood as more oxygen is now supplied for all systems to use.

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*It will boost your alertness and immune system. Your chances of getting sick will drop significantly and you can really feel the effects.

*Just remember never to ignore the feeling of thirst and always consider if you drink enough water and eat enough healthy foods.

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