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Surprising Concealer Tips And Tricks

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When talking about concealers the first thing we think about is covering our unwanted under eye areas or acne marks. Concealers unlike foundation are specifically designed to cover up blemishes and discoloration on the face. You can use foundation to cover light or obscure marks, but you’re still going to need concealers to cover up anything prominent. Aside from covering up marks there are other surprising uses to concealers, it can be used all over the face and body.

We’ve managed to compile a list of surprising tips and trick about concealers (aside from concealing) any makeup lover has to know.

Tips and Tricks

1. Use as a Nude Lip Liner:
You can use your concealer as a lip liner using a small brush. Applying it on the outer parts of the lips can give you the ombre lip color. This is also a great tip for people that have darker outer lips, applying concealer on parts that are darker can give you a more even and smooth lipstick finish. Applying a thin coat of concealer all over the lips can also make lipstick last longer.

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2. Taming Eyebrows:
There is this new trend of the perfect looking eyebrows. A lot of people are using concealer to create this look. They would apply a concealer that is a shade lighter on the outer corners of the eyebrows to create a more defined and prominent eyebrow. This is a great tip for keeping the eyebrows intact and keep the hair tidy. You can also apply concealer on the hair before applying color. This will make the color and hair in place. Applying in a tiny bit of concealer on the hair near the nose line will create a natural gradation on your eyebrow color.

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3. Use Concealers as a Highlighter and Contour:
Most highlighters have a certain amount of shimmer that some people don’t like. If you are one of these people, then concealers are the product for you. Concealers are great for contouring and highlighting, especially concealer pallets that have multiple shades of concealers. Apply concealers that are a shade or two lighter for highlighter and a shade or two darker for contour. Concealer also last on the skin longer than powder contour ad highlighters. Applying a tiny dab of concealer just above your cupid bow will create an illusion of pout lips.

4. Removes Harshness of Lipstick:
Lessen the harshness of lip tints or lipstick by using concealer. Apply the tint or lipstick before dabbing in concealer using a cotton bud. Pat the cotton lightly on parts of the lips where you want the color soften. Avoid using this trick with lipstick that are creamy or lip gloss. Using this on creamy lipstick and gloss will create distinct marks.

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5. Covering Makeup Mistakes:
Instead of reaching for the makeup remover, cover up makeup mistakes with a light layer of concealer. This especially works on the eye area, when you make the mistake of applying too much eyeshadow or not getting an even eyeliner. Just use soft and tiny strokes with a small brush to cover the mistake and still keep the whole makeup intact.

6. Natural Eyeshadow:
Applying a thin layer of a darker shade concealer on the eyelids will create more dimension to the eyes without using any eyeshadow. This tip follows the highlighter concealer tip. You can apply darker concealer on the crease to add more definition or use a lighter shade in the middle of the eyelid to make it appear brighter.

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7. Thicker Lashes:
Swiping concealer on your eyelashes before coating it with mascara will make it look thicker. Apply concealer with a small brush and coat all over the lashes. Apply your liquid mascara on top of the concealer. The concealer will act as volumizer for the lashes.

8. Instant Anti Aging Trick:
Concealers are great for filling in cracks and tiny wrinkles. Lessen the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines by applying concealer on top of foundation. Concealers are great at getting into nooks and crannies on the face and filling in gaps. Adding in a tiny bit of concealer on the brow bone will create an eye lip effect. This is great for people with droopy eyes.

Make the most out of your concealer by using these trick and tips to step up your make-up game.

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