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Skin Care Tips for the Winter

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The winter season can be harsh on your skin what with the frigid temperatures outdoors and the dry heat when you step inside your home. The combination of these extreme temperatures can leave your skin dry and dull which can make you look older than your years. Fortunately, you can still keep your skin smooth and soft in spite of the harsh elements with the right skin care. If you are wondering how you can retain the dewiness of your skin, here are some skin care tips for you to follow.

  1. Don’t forget to exfoliate. Most of us tend to exfoliate the face only but if you want to preserve the natural softness of your skin, you should exfoliate your body particularly your problem areas. Dry brushing is one of the best techniques to get rid of dead skin cells. You need to use a wooden handle brush that has stiff bristles to brush your body with then take a quick shower then apply moisturizer afterwards. This will help your skin absorb more moisture and keep it locked throughout the day.
  2. Use alcohol-free hand sanitizers. Frequent washing of hands with soap and water can rob your skin of its moisture leaving your hands looking parched. The best solution is to use alcohol-free hand sanitizers or those wipe-off cleansers that are free from soap content. Apply hand moisturizer afterwards to prevent your skin from drying and cracking.
  3. Don’t overdo your moisturizer. It is understandable that we will be plying our skin with tons of moisturizer during the winter in the hopes that it will help keep the softness of our skin in tact but too much can be a bad thing. The best approach would be to apply the same amount of moisturizer the entire year. If you’re going to add more, just apply day and night moisturizer so your skin will become familiar with your skin care routine.
  4. Wear gloves. Even something as simple as wearing gloves can help retain moisture on your skin so make it a habit of slipping your gloves on after you apply moisturizer on your hands. For sure the skin on your hands will look better after an hour of wearing gloves because your skin has absorbed the moisture already.
  5. Use the right oils for your skin. You’ve probably tried to avoid using moisturizing products that contain oil but believe it or not, you need oils to help nourish your skin. It’s all about choosing the right oils to go with your skin care products and the type of skin that you have. For example, if you have dry skin, you can use moisturizing lotions that contain shea butter, grapefruit oil, or lemon peel oil because they can keep your skin hydrated. Skipping the oils can make your skin more parched and drier than before.
  6. Honey is your friend. Those rough patches on your skin can cause discomfort and frustration too but the good news is that there is a quick remedy for them and that is by using honey. The combination of honey and sugar makes a nice skin scrub that not only reduces inflammation but can also help moisturize and nourish your skin. This will minimize the odd bumps on your skin.
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These skin care tips can definitely help keep your skin looking absolutely stunning even in winter. No matter how exposed your skin is as long as you practice proper skin care routine, you won’t have to worry about dry and cracking skin every time you go out. No doubt people will be remarking on your dewy looking skin when you nourish it every day.

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