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Heels 101

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Everyone needs a great pair of high heels, even if they prefer to wear flats or sneakers more. At least once, people have to experience a day in great heels. The power you feel when your heels hit the pavement, the posture you maintain all day and the click clacking of it on a wooden floor. This may seem like simple things, but the satisfaction it brings is immaculate. There are other reasons to love wearing high heels. There a lot of things to learn about it too. The different styles of heels, how to wear them properly, top reasons for wearing them and so on. We’ve compiled all heel-formation you will ever need. Read on below!

Reasons to Wear:

• Wearing heels will surely add more to your height. This is one of the most popular reasons why women wear them. Genetically, most women are created petite, but who doesn’t want to feel tall from time to time or at least be able to reach the top cabinet. Heels can help with natural stature, we feel confident and taller by just wearing a pair of heels. The great thing about heels that the height of each heel can vary.

• It draws attention to the wearer. Everybody loves heels, may it be women, men, or any other gender. Wearing them can draw a lot of positive comments. Stilettos are the most attention grabbing heels. Heels can also help enhance your outfit without adding too much.

• A boost in confidence. You know that feeling you get when you walk down a hallway with your heels? Your head held high and your steps echoes. That’s one of the few benefits of wearing heels. The confidence it brings. Women tend to look more confident, assertive and firm.

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• One of the best ways to show off your legs is through heels. A person’s leg looks amazing when wearing heels. The legs look longer and leaner. The posture of the buttock towards the ankle is improved. Not only does it makes the legs look leaner, it also helps tone the leg muscles. It also helps accentuate a person’s curves, posture and walk.

• One of the notable reasons for wearing high heels is that it makes you appear slimmer. Go on, wear your favorite skinny jeans and compare it in front of the mirror. You’ll notice that with heels your legs appear leaner and your upper body thinner. This is because of the posture, they force you to stand taller making you appear slimmer.
Types of High Heels:

• Pumps are the “classic” when it comes to closed toed shoes. This type of heel looks incredibly professional and is great for meeting or at the office. The length of the heels varies, so you can pick one that would suit your everyday working needs.

• Stilettos are the attention grabbers in the heel world. These heels can vary from 2 inches to 6 inches, if you’re adventurous it could go higher. This is the ultimate “look at me” heels making it perfect for parties or a night out of the town.

• Wedges this type of heel was created for comfort. This is for women that are required to stand long periods of time, but still want to look good. The heels appear to look like a wedge, creating better balance. There are different styles of wedges, making it appropriate for different situations.

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• Kitten heels are a popular choice due to its short heel. This is great for walking around and still look professional wearing them. This type of heel is great for running errands or going to a casual meeting.

How to Choose Heels:

Never buy heels just because you find it pretty. Always fit them and make sure they fit perfectly. If they don’t it probably wasn’t meant to be. Poor fitting heels will only cause blisters and pain. It’s a misconception that wearing heels have to hurt. Like any shoes it has to be comfortable to wear. So the top question to ask when buying heels is. “Am I comfortable enough to wear this all day?”

Wearing Heels:

It’s important to maintain the proper posture while wearing heels. Standing upright, a slight exaggeration when swaying the hips and distributing the weight of the body from the balls of your feet to your toes are the key to walking in them.
Having a strong core and leg can help walking in heels a lot easier.

If you’re having a hard time walking in them, start with the basics. Start with wedges and go up. Prevent injury by alternating your heels and your flats.

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