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Easy Halloween Makeup Ideas to Try

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So you’ve finally found the perfect get up for your Halloween party but something is missing. Yes, that’s right! You will need to come up with the perfect makeup to go with your outfit. Fortunately, you don’t have to be an expert in makeup to pull off these Halloween look. It’s all about having that imagination and willingness to try new looks like the ones below.

Poison Ivy

Do you want to show off your inner sexy? Poison Ivy’s look is not that hard to pull off. You will need a little bit of greens and reds for this makeup transformation. Apply some green makeup around your eyes starting with light green on the inner eye towards the center then dark green towards the outer corner of your eyes. Smudge them carefully to blend. Add yellow eyeshadow on the inner corner of your eyes and at the outer corner of your eyes to create a winged effect. Now apply red eyebrow color to your brows to complete the effect. Make your lips red too and you’re done.

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Zombie or Vampire

This is probably one of the easiest Halloween makeup ideas that you can do. All you need to is to apply some dark eyeshadow and smudge it around your eyes for that smoky effect, a bit of red lips and fake blood and you are good to go.

Betty Boop

Betty Boop’s look is not that hard to pull off. Once you get her hair and outfit down pat, the next step would be to copy her makeup. The best thing about this Halloween makeup idea is that it won’t cost you a lot of money. All that you will need is a very red lipstick to make your lips do all the talking, and going heavy on your eyeliner. Darken your eyebrows too to give that vampy Boop look.

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Wednesday Addams

Who said that you need to go all out with your costume this Halloween? If you don’t have time to look for one, raid your closet for some black skirt, white top, and black coat or jacket and you can go in as Wednesday Addams. If you have pale skin then you are in luck because you only need some dark eyeshadow around your eyes and black lipstick to get your inner Wednesday rolling. If you need help achieving that pale look, choose a light foundation on your face and neck before applying your dark eyeshadow and lipstick. Tie your hair in pigtails and you are good to go.

Real Life Comic Girl

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Are you a comic book addict? Why not use your love for comics as inspiration this coming Halloween? Truth be told, this Halloween makeup is quite easy to pull off. Start by applying white dots all over your body to create that comic book canvas. Now use a black washable pen then add highlight your collarbone, cleavage, eyebrows, eyes, and nose. If you are going to tie your hair back, you can also draw on your ears too to give them an outline just like in your favorite comics. Draw the word “Pow!” on your exposed skin in red and yellow and you will look like you just stepped out of the pages of a comic book. 

Who said that coming up with a Halloween look is going to be difficult? These ideas are worth starting with if you are a beginner. You’ll have plenty of time to master the art of doing Halloween makeup in no time.

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