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Nutrients You Need for your Growing Hair

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Growing your hair can be one of the most tedious processes to do. Growing hair takes a very long time depending on how fast your hair grows. Not everyone has the same DNA; therefore their hair’s ability for growth varies. For those whose hair grows rapidly, they can grow their hair from short to long in a matter of half a year. There are also those people whose hair takes extremely long to grow that it takes up to a year for it to be even remotely long. This is why many people who have short hair growth choose to take vitamins for their hair. These vitamins promote hair growth by enriching the hair follicles with the nourishment required to boost hair growth. Let us take a look at some vitamins that are essential in boosting hair growth.

Vitamins that Stimulate Health Hair Growth

Through the breakthroughs in science, there have been many products that have been developed to help promote hair growth. You can often find these products being advertised on television, magazines, newspapers, radio, and internet. There are millions of products that are endorsed by celebrities that all claim to promote hair growth. Let us learn the basic vitamins that we all need to promote better hair growth.

Multi-Vitamin Supplementation

Multi-vitamins, like breakfast, should be taken every day. These capsules contain the proper vitamins that your body needs to remain healthy throughout the day. These capsules contain vitamin A, copper, and zinc, which play a large role in aiding hair growth.

Biotin Supplementation

Biotin is a dietary supplement that can be found in many drugstores across the nation. Many people take Biotin as a means to strengthen their hair as it grows. The more Biotin you take the better. This is why it would be highly recommendable that you take a Biotin supplement together with your multi-vitamins every day. You may even eat egg more on a regular basis as this also contains Biotin.

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Healthy hair is not just a product of genetics and hereditary traits. As you get older your hair experiences different factors that cause it to become damaged over the years. It could be a vitamin deficiency that stems from a lack of eating the proper vegetables and fruits. It could also mean that over time, stress has gotten the best out of your hair. For men who find that they are getting bald as early as they are in their 30’s, they should consider vitamin supplementation. Another important vitamin to take is Biotin or Vitamin H

What is Biotin?

Biotin or vitamin H is found in many supplements that you take. This is found in many of the multi-vitamins that you regularly take on a daily basis. You can also find Biotin in Biotin supplements that are sold in every drugstore and supermarkets located all around you. These supplements all contain a good dosage of Biotin. The stronger the Biotin contained in the supplement is the supplement that you should be using.

Biotin is also found in egg yolks. Many body builders often ingest 3 to 4 eggs before they workout because these contain tons of protein. You should look into eating an egg on a daily basis from now on if you want to strengthen your hair for better hair growth.

Biotin is also found in liver. Many men love the taste of liver as this is found in many pates and other food dishes. There are those men who simply cannot stand the taste, consider this; liver will help you avoid that nasty receding hairline that plagues many men for many more years. If you do not like the taste, you should refrain from breathing while eating liver. It is a means to a very good end.

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It is important to remember at all times that the more biotin that you take, the lesser the chances that your hair will become thin. You may still be at your mid-twenties and you have already started balding on the top of your head. Take Biotin as this is your best weapon in growing your hair properly.

Protein Supplementation

Protein also plays a role in promoting good hair growth. This is why any lean source of protein such as meat, chicken, and vegetables are all good sources of lean protein.

Omega-3 Fatty Acids Supplementation

In growing your hair rapidly, you will need to use Omega 3 fats, which are found in seafood such as fish. Fish also contains a lot of zinc, which also promotes stronger hair growth.

Fresh Fruits and Vegetables Consumption

For people who are not too fond of eating fruits and vegetables, you should be aware that these food groups greatly promote hair growth. It would be highly beneficial for you to start including this in your daily meals. For those who already eat this, you should eat more of these. Your hair growth will start showing positive results in no time.

While hair growth may be a long and tedious process, you should not leave your hair to grow without any help. Taking these aforementioned vitamins and food will help your hair follicles become stronger and healthier so that their ability to grow hair is greatly enhanced.

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