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Body Sculpting Minus the Scalpel: Workouts that Work

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While it is true that transforming into a thinner, lighter and more confident you can certainly be achieved with the help of cosmetic surgery, let it be known that going under the knife is not the only way to do so. Thanks to the sometimes overwhelming media hype, many people are led to believe that surgery is their last hope to achieving a better body. I have nothing against cosmetic surgery, in fact, I myself realize how it has changed the lives of millions of people. On the downside, surgery costs a lot of money and not everyone can afford it, much as they want to. So this article is mainly for those who want to achieve a fitness goal that can alter how an individual perceive himself or herself.

Physical trainers are almost always an advocate of doing constant physical workouts in order to define and sculpt someone’s body. And trainers will always recommend people to hit the gym to lose weight and strengthen their bodies rather than have their client subject themselves through a gruelling period of surgery. So why working out versus surgery? Because not only will frequent exercising enhance your overall appearance as it slowly defines your body, it also has massive benefits to your health. Also, the cost associated with working out is nearly not as much as having a scalpel incised in your flesh.

The road to correctly losing weight is a long and tedious one. It involves a whole lot of strength training and working out where one can learn the value of practice, hard work, patience and diligence in order to attain something worthwhile. You do your exercises every day, you control your eating habits, and patiently go on with it until you reap the rewards of your labor. And what better reward is there than seeing your body transform right before your very eyes and then feeling good about yourself.

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For those who would like to start sculpting their bodies, here are some simple exercises that can help kick-start a great workout regimen:

1. Chest presses to work out your pectoralis minor and major, or simply put, your chest muscles. This can be done with the aid of dumbbells and a flat bench.

2. Bent over Rows give benefits to your latissimus dorsi. The lats as personal trainers and other fitness buff call it, are the muscles responsible for giving your back a defined “V” shape.  Doing the bent over rows require a barbell.

3. Reverse Pull-up or chin-ups are the ones that work out your biceps and a bit of your back muscles.

4. Deadlifts are the ones responsible for shaping your glutes, hamstrings and quadriceps. In a simpler definition, these are what you call the muscles of your butt and your thighs.

Once you have your exercise routines down to pat, start focusing on the actual hard work, which means repetition and actually sticking to your workout regimen. For more toning exercises, it’s best to consult a certified personal trainer near you so they may assist and make sure that you’re in line with your fitness goals, especially if you feel that you can’t do it alone.  A lot of people fail to lose weight because they suddenly find themselves lacking motivation midway. That is understandable considering that the rewards do not come by as quickly as everyone would like. But then again, if you will give up mid-training, then you risk not seeing that “could have been” version of yourself—better, healthier and possibly a lot confident and happier.

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