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How Do I Get Rid Of Ingrown Hairs

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An ingrown hair is basically hair that grows back on itself, curling inside the hair follicle. Ingrown hair is most common in areas that have curly hair or people that have curly hair. We will all get it at one point, especially if you shave regularly. Leaving ingrown hair as it can turn into something painful and irritating. When you notice the first sign of ingrown hair, nip it by the root immediately. Below are some ways and instructions to remove and prevent ingrown hair.


Exfoliating the area where you have your ingrown hair will remove it and prevent it from scarring. Exfoliate the area twice a day, particularly scrubbing the ingrown hair. This will remove cells, dead skin, oil and dirt that are trapping your ingrown hair. This will also allow your hair to grow better and allowing the tip of the hair to grow out. Try exfoliating the ingrown hair from different directions to help with the hair growth. Use an exfoliating brush or glove to exfoliate the skin. If you prefer using other Exfoliants such as sugar with olive oil or salt, do so.

Acne Medication

Acne and ingrown hair are somehow similar. They both have the bumpy appearance and at times is accompanied with pus. Applying acne medication for ingrown hair can reduce the swelling of the ingrown, kill the bacteria on the ingrown hair and allow the hair more space to grow. Apply acne medication several times a day for a week or until you get your desired result. If you don’t have any acne medication at home, you can substitute it with toothpaste or aspirin (liquid aspirin).

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Warm Compress

Applying a warm compress on ingrown hair can help soften the skin around it to allow the hair to properly grow. Take a warm towel or compress and place it on the affected area. Once the compress cools down, warm it up again and repeat the process. Doing this will help the hair that has been embedded in the skin to pop out. If you continue this a few times and there is still no sign of hair, this may not be an ingrown hair. Consult your dermatologist about this issue.


Use a sterile tweezers and needle to remove ingrown hair. Apply warm compress on the area, once you notice the tip of the hair. Slowly tweeze it out, doing it too sudden can cause the hair to break. Don’t pluck it out, just make sure that the ingrown end of the hair is out of the skin. If hot compress is not enough use the needle to give the hair an exit. You can also use the needle when the hair has started to loop inside or when the hair has started to grow down on the skin. Use the needle to lightly tug on the hair to loosen it up.

Warm Milk and Bread Compress

Take out some milk from the fridge and warm it up. Don’t make it too hot, pick a temperature that your skin can tolerate. Dip your bread into the milk and apply it on your ingrown hair. Once it cools down repeat the prior steps. The milk will help soften the skin and the bread acts as a sponge. Repeat this until your hair peeks through the skin.

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Ingrown hair can be irritating and painful. Try the tips above to help you prevent and remove unwanted ingrown hair safely. Make sure that the items you use are sanitary and safe. Razors have a lifespan of about 3 to 5 months, depending on the materials used in them. Ingrown hair is prone to infection and bacteria. Make sure that you cleanse the area thoroughly, before and after removal.

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