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Oh No! You Caught Jock Itch! (4 Ways to Rid of this Embarrassing

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Sometimes one would get persistent, discomforting itching fits on their groin, inner and upper thighs and even behind. You may have gotten jock itch, sounds totally unappealing and should indeed be rid of immediately. A cruel fungal infection medically referred to as Tinea cruris, terrifyingly jock itch is a type of ringworm, and just like any ring worm it makes little red blisters appear on the skin. These reddened, bumpy blisters like any fungal infection is frustratingly itchy and makes you just want
to stay at home.

Fortunately it is not highly contagious but poor personal hygiene or sexual intercourse makes the spreading of the fungal spores a lot more highly. If you share personal clothing such as swim wear or worse underwear then you are just acting like a bad person. Unfortunately you just happen to catch this yeast but of
course being clean and living clean will take you far away from such infections. Damp areas that do not get to breathe enough and can get cleaned enough are prone to all sorts of bacterial and fungal invasion. Of course you are more prone to jock itch when you have enough ailments to not consider you a healthy enough individual. Lowered immunities such as diabetes sufferers and the very overweight are more prone to jock itch. Keep in mind the some cases of jock itch is bacterial too.

So now that you know pretty much how jock itch is caused you must have figured out that you should let your whole body breathe especially if you wear heavy and fitting garments for long periods of time. You must at least invest in better underwear and pants. Zinc oxide, anti-fungal and antibacterial creams should also be put in the mix of home remedies. Home remedies are important and ancient but these antibacterial ointments thrown in the mix greatly help.

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Here’s a quick and convenient list on tips to get rid of this cruel and embarrassing ailment!

1.)Tea Tree Oil Mixed with Good Things

This beautifying oil is also an antifungal, it smells so mild and good and is ideal even for pregnant women wanting to avoid stretch marks! This and shea butter or extra virgin coconut oil put together is great for beautifying skin but tea tree oil and a concentrated Vitamin C paste combined is also a super healing partnership!

Anti-fungal and antibacterial, antioxidant packed mixture that should be dabbed by cotton onto the affected areas. Mixing tea tree oil and coconut oil together would be easier to apply but a Vitamin C-based paste is better if the fungal infection is newer. Vitamin C will clean out the dirt and remaining bacteria in a stingy way at first but it is worth it, it also leaves skin more
collagen-infused and is definitely gentler than alcohol.

2.) Vinegar, Your Choice of Apple Cider or Mixed with Strong, Regular, White

Vinegar has effective cleaning and healing properties as well and is cheap and widely available so you can reserve a big bottle of vinegar just for your jock itch! If vinegar will be used as the remedy it is ideally consumed and also placed on the skin. First off let us discuss the recipes for medical vinegar drinks. Apple cider treats a lot of stomach ailments and is a great slimming
source of antioxidants. It detoxifies the body effectively therefor ridding of all types of infection more quickly. Apple cider of course is better for the drink remedy, dilute with a bit of water and you can even add honey and a citrus or mint of you like to make it easier and more interesting. In some parts of Asia such as Korea, vinegar drinks flavored usually by fruit are popular, a little odd,
pretty good and very cleansing.

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As for the bath, get a clean wash cloth and dip it in a solution made of 1 part of that fresh, very strong, stingy white vinegar and 1 part apple cider in some water. You can add some drops off essential oils if your skin is very sensitive.Take the soaked cloth, wring it a bit and place the stingy yet soothing vinegar solution on affected areas for around 3-4x a day.

3.) A Salt Bath Works too

You can combine the salt and vinegar bath or if that is too much for your skin personally just do one first then the other If your skin can take it. Do not rub too hard and add enough water to the solutions according to your level of skin sensitivity. But since jock itch is so unbearable putting tons of vinegar and salt on it with water will feel better. Salt is cleansing and absorbs moisture
making it very difficult for bacteria to thrive. It helps clean away dirt and toxins and is good for the skin, exfoliating it and making it keep its moisture.

If you have a bathtub, 1-2 cups of sea salt in your bathwater with some citrus and/or essential oil is great for the senses and relaxing. No bath tub no worries, just lightly scrub in the shower with a thick yet moisturizing natural sea salt paste. You can then proceed to…

4.)…Wash with Sulfur Soap

Cheap and caring, the acidity is soothing and you can feel that right away.Ideal for fungal and other types of persistent skin itches. I remember my parents bringing home sulfur soap when I got an itchy foot and it really helped if you follow up with a cream to keep the moisture in. Remember dryness is one of the main causes of itching so moisturizing with the right ointment or
medical lotion is important.

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