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5 Simple and Cheap Cellulite Treatments

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Women are looking for effective and cheap ways to get rid or reduce cellulite. We have compiled some cellulite treatment below. Scroll down to find out.

1. Balance Hormone

Proper hormone balance helps in reducing cellulite. This is because your hormones play a huge part in cellulite formation.

2. Dry Brushing

This method can effectively open pores on your skin. You should do this daily before you shower. For the brush, used only natural or vegetable-derives bristles and not synthetic ones.

Direction: You should be making long sweeps scrubbing in circular motion. Always remember to brush towards the heart. Start at your feet, then to the legs on both sides, then on your arms towards your chest. In the stomach you shold brush counterclockwise.

3. Omega-3’s

It is said that consuming fat soluble vitamins and Omega-3 fatty acids helps in reducing cellulite over time. As an added benefit it is important for other functions in your body so there’s no harm in trying this.

4. Weight Training

A targeted weight training can help reduce cellulite in the affected areas in your body. Just some simple exercises you can do at home will do. If you want to reduce cellulite all over your body go for the cardiovascular exercises.

5. Cellulite Cream

This method is a bit expensive than the other methods mentioned above. But this is also considered to be the fastest method. Using creams can help get rid of cellulite thru skin cell strengthening and connective tissues. This method can also make the skin on your body firm.

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