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Hair Care Tips for Curly Hair

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Curly hair can be gorgeous when it is well taken care of but if you don’t maintain the natural curls and waves, you might end up with a mane that doesn’t give justice to your beauty. Women with curly hair sometimes wrestle with their unruly hair but this doesn’t have to be as long as you know proper hair care. As a matter of fact, here are some tips that you can follow in order to maintain the beautiful ringlets, corkscrew curls, or waves easily.

  • Use less shampoo. Shampooing your hair every day isn’t recommended as the chemicals in the shampoo that you are using can strip the protection from your curls. If you are going to wash your hair, it is best that you stick with a shampoo that is free from sulfate. You can opt for dry shampoo or just apply conditioner to make your curls more prominent.
  • Dry hair with t-shirt. Drying your hair with your towel can actually cause more frizz to occur. A good substitute for your towel is an old t-shirt because it won’t damage your hair too much. However, since the fabric of the t-shirt isn’t as absorbent as your towel, you need to remove excess water from your hair before using your t-shirt. Don’t twist your hair though to minimize breakage.
  • Style hair while it is wet. As much as you would like to dry your hair immediately after you take a shower or bath, leave it off for just a minute because now is the best time to apply your hair products. Apply leave on conditioner if you like while your hair is still wet. Just make sure that you scrunch your hair upwards to make your curls more visible.
  • Skip brushes. Combing your hair with a brush can make your curls unruly and damaged. A good rule of thumb is to use a wide toothed combed or your fingers so that your curls won’t lose their natural waves.
  • Get a dry cut. You need to keep in mind that there is a difference between curly wet hair and curly dry hair. When your curls are dry, they tend to retract with some curls appear curlier than the others. Hair experts recommend that you get a dry cut so that you will know where your curls will fall afterwards and that it will be easier for you to style since all curls fall the right way.
  • Shower with hairnet. For women with thick curls, you can wear a hairnet when you take a shower. This way, you’re still washing your hair while keeping its structure. You will find that it is a far easier method to stick to when it comes to keeping your curls.
  • Reduce heat. There is nothing wrong with using curling iron to add more definition to your curls but too much can actually harm your hair. Ease up in the use of styling tools that require heat so your curls will stay bouncy and beautiful.
  • Apply frizz serum. Another trick to maintaining your curls is to apply frizz cream on your hair so that the moisture will remain locked in. You don’t need much as a dime sized cream will be enough to cover your hair.
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These are just a few hair care tips that can help keep your curls bouncy and frizz free. You also need to determine what kind of curly hair you have so you can apply proper hair care. As much as possible, don’t manhandle your curls too much to reduce damage.

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