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Jump Rope Work Outs that Makes Exercise More Fun

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It is no lie that the beginning of any work out, most especially the first time you seriously work out is not gonna be easy.  It always depends on your approach, your perspective dictates how hard or easy a task is, but of course the beginning of anything can be rusty.  A positive attitude, perseverance and not giving in to that negative inner voice is what creates results.  Abs, biceps, shoulders, strength, balance, flexibility, coordination and balance, endurance, stamina and agility are developed- and anyone can be athletic or simply stronger if they willed it.

So in case you find work out or intense work out a drag and you already warmed up with a softer exercise like restorative yoga or tai chi then you can ease into the rougher gym world by starting with something fun yet quickly effective.  All you need is good sneakers and a rope or bare feet on a thick mat, maybe ankle supports to go with that.   It depends if your lower body is fragile or practiced, or naturally strong.  Doing skip rope with other basic various exercises with the proper form builds up your strength gradually instead of giving you the wrong kind of body ache and prevents you from working out more.  Always have a mix of basic stretches, cardio sequences, planks, squats and some light weights all in between.  Trust me exercise is more effective and funner to do all mixed up and varied.  You even cut out more time.

  This kind of high intensity work out sequence is quick, varied and rightfully difficult.  Results are much quicker and healthier with high intensity workouts than repetitive and excessively prolonged ones.

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Basic jump rope moves

The basic- little double leg jumps or skip jumps.  Practice your form with the most basic move so you can harness the best results in a safe way.  Back straight, chest out a bit with shoulders straightened but down and relaxed.   Bends knees slightly and firm up your whole body especially legs, make your ankles strong yet nimble.  Jump lightly in little steps one foot at a time as you swing the rope around with your wrists not arms.  In proper form with proper breathing you should land softly and not too loudly, and not very flat on your feet.  Land on the front pads then the heel.  Since your back, butt and legs are firmed up you should land safely.

Single leg jumps.  Test your balance, start with small movements and a show or playlist that soothes you.  One leg at a time, like hop roping, just lift the other leg slightly to keep your balance more easily.

Feet together.  A little harder than skip jumps but great for stretching out your chest and body.  Start jumping low, steady and a little quick.

Feet together high jumps.  It would be nice to warm up with full leg stretches and squats to perform this longer and better.  Use your behind well and tuck your gut in, back straight and strong.  Jump up high with your knees together, in the air your knees should align with your chest.   And of course if you are firming your muscles up you should not land so hard that your lower legs and ankles feel too much pain from impact.

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High knee jumps.  Start with squats and/or lunges with or without light weights then rest and stretch legs.  You can even practice just high knees without the rope first.

Feet together side-to-side.  Reserve this riskier move when you are more warmed up and balanced, you only have to jump sideways from the center point around 6-12 inches.

Figure 8.  A favorite of many little school girls but can become daunting to a creaky, out-of-shape adult.  Like feet together high jumps but crossing your arms swiftly while your wrists strongly twirl the rope inward to make a loop your body goes through then outward back to original form.  Keep twirling into a loop as many or as little times as you want, you can create your own rhythm.

Keep in mind to mix up these exercises and place variations of planks, stretches, squats and even other cardio activity.  Breathe in and out from your belly while your belly is tucked in.  Do each exercise for 20-40 repetitions or 30-60 seconds, depends how you want to measure your progress.  Drink enough water and cut down on sugar.

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