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Toe Nail Art Designs that Stand Out

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You don’t have to limit your nail art on your fingernails only because you can dress up your toenails as well with some fun and fancy designs that will turn heads for sure. The best thing about painting your toenails is that you can use both hands which makes it easier for you to design your nails anyway you like. Yes, you can go to the nail salon to get your nails done professionally but if you are willing to experiment, you can try these toenail designs yourself.

Lace themed nail art. You’ll never go wrong with black and white nail polish on your toenails but why not take them to the next level by adding some lace designs to them? Start with the base coat, of course, then alternate black and white nail polish. Once they have dried, place a frilly lace on top of the black nails and paint over them with white nail polish. Allow them to dry. As for the white nails, you can add a jewel on the center to make them sparkle.

White and bejeweled. Sporting white nail polish on your toenails can work nicely with whatever attire that you are wearing but if you want to make others look at your elegant looking feet, adding some jewels on your big toe is worth doing. Place some gemstones in the corner of your big toes in the shape of a flower and that’s it. A simple touch that will turn heads in no time.

Eccentric look. Not one to follow the simple designs for your nail polish? Well, you will definitely get everyone’s attention with this eccentric design that makes use of blue, black, and melon shades in one. To capture this design, you should paint one half of your nails in blue with the other half in melon. To separate the two, a black nail polish should be applied in between then add some black circles along its length. Use white nail polish to add some dots on your blue nail polish while on your big toes, use some jewels to create a striking look. Don’t forget to protect your nails with top coat.

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Blue floral. Summer is the perfect time to show off some blooms on your toenails so why not use some silver or nude nail polish as the base color then paint blue flowers on top? Add bigger flowers on your big toes while you can place a jewel on each of your toenails after.

Matte blue. If you don’t want to put much effort to your toenails, you can opt for a solid color instead. This doesn’t mean, however, that you won’t be able to bring something new to your nail art. For this design, use a matte blue nail polish and go with a French tip design on your big toes. To make your nails stand out even from afar, add some jewels on your big toes. The silver sparkle will definitely catch the eyes.

Candy pop. Are you looking for a fun toenail design to show off your bubbly side? Painting your toenails in candy colors is definitely a must try. Among the best color choices for this look are yellow, orange, pink, and green. Paint one foot with alternating yellow and orange while other goes with pink and green. As for the big toes, paint the big toe of the foot that has yellow and orange in pink then add some fun bubbles on it in yellow and orange. Paint the other big toe in yellow then use the pink and green shades for the circles. Top coat should be last to seal in the colors and you’re done.

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