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Helpful Tips for Women with Thin Hair

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Women with thin hair know full well how their hair appears to be completely uninspired when left alone. The fact that they need to use heating tools to add volume and style their hair shows how frustrated they are with the way their hair plasters around their face, lifeless, and completely dulling their overall look. But should you be resigned to the fact that your hair will remain like this forever? Of course not! There are a lot of ways for you to add more volume to your thin hair or at least create the illusion of fuller locks.

Here are some tips for you to consider.

Start at the roots. A lot of women make the mistake of peppering their hair with various hair products just to tease some form of life to their hair strands. Unfortunately, the opposite happens as your hair becomes limp. The best thing to do when applying volumizing or texturing hair spray or serums is to start at the ends so that the product will be absorbed better.

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Talk to a professional stylist. Although there are quite a lot of hairdressers out there, it pays to go to a reputable hair salon that have stylists that are familiar with thin hair. Talk to them about how to make your mane have more volume or at least choose a style that is appropriate for the kind of hair that you have.

Get the right haircut. Growing your hair long may not be ideal for thin haired women but choosing a a layered cut may create more texture and dimension thus creating the illusion that your hair has plenty of volume. If you want to have bangs but are worried about how they will appear, just bring some dry shampoo with you to prevent your bangs from separating into thin sections.

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Play with how you part your hair. Another tip to styling your thin hair is to play with your part. Most of the time, the stylist will follow the part of your hair but before they start snipping away, talk about how to part your hair to get the best results. You might be surprised to find that a slight change to the parting of your hair can have a huge impact to your overall look.

Beach head. Adding waves to fine hair can be a bit tricky but you can pull it off by ensuring that your hair is completely dry prior to using any heating hair tools. This way, you will be able to create better looking waves on your hair. To complete the look, mist some sea salt spray to help hold the waves then curl again for that extra texture and style.

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Consider clip-in extensions. If you are in a rush and have no time to make an effort in adding volume to your hair, consider using clip-in extensions. These extensions are easy to use plus they won’t damage your hair. This way, you will be out of the door in a jiffy and looking your best too.

Give your hair a quick pick-me-up. Thin hair can look deflated by the time the afternoon rolls in so if you want to revive your hair, just bring a spray bottle of water with you and root lift spray. Mist some water on your hair followed by the root lift spray. Rough-dry your hair using your fingers until they are dry. Use a round brush to brush your hair straight then blow dry the hair around your face forward to add more volume. Spray some hairspray to hold the volume in place and you are done.

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