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Ancient Egyptian Beauty Tips

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Queen Cleopatra is one of the most famous people in history. She is known for her many achievements and ruler ship. She has intrigued both men and women alike. It is said that
her beauty can make any man fall to their knees. She was able to persuade rulers with a few bath of her eyelashes. Cleopatra was known for her intelligence, cunning and mastery of seduction. Like most famous women in ancient Egyptian history, they were known for their overwhelming beauty.

Most of our beauty products and habits have originated from ancient Egypt. This was a time where beauty was so important and scarce, women would do anything to preserve it or enhance them. This was also a strong form of self-love that the ancient Egyptian royalty have taught us. Ancient Egypt beauty secrets are known to be the best. From queen Nefertiti to Cleopatra, these women have become the symbol of beauty in the ancient world. Not only were the women beauty enthusiast, but also the men, they took part in most of the beauty inventions of their time and broke apart the idea of masculinity. Now, let us delve into their beauty secrets and their contribution to modern beauty
products and treatments.

The Red Ochre

The red ochre is a strong pigment made out of iron oxide and hematite. This pigment is close to the color of blood. This has been used throughout history all over the world. It was used in fabric for some time and was then used for cosmetic purposes. Women in Egypt used this pigment as a make shift cheek stain and lipstick. This pigment is made out of natural material, making it safe for use. Traditionally the red ochre was grounded into powder and mixed with a bit of water. This is then applied to the lips and skin. Through the years, this pigment was experimented on with other pigments that created different shades of blushes and foundation. This is still practiced today in some region. One of the great thing about red ochre is that it lasts a lot longer than most makeup.

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This is one of the most widely known cosmetic that the Ancient Egyptian culture gave to us. This developed one of the most iconic makeup item we have today, the eyeliner. Kohl is made out of concentrated heavy metals of lead salts. Lead is not the safest material to place near your eye, but the Egyptians found a 30-day filtering process that made the material safe. The material was now with low lead levels that actually help protect the skin and eye from infection andsun damage. The Egyptians were the first culture that developed the well-known cat eye look.


Henna was often used in traditional beauty process. The ancient Egyptian used henna to naturally dye their fingernails in different colors. This protected their nails from the harsh
temperature and condition in their country. The henna promoted healthy nails and nail growth.

Castor Oil and Sesame Oil

The Ancient Egyptian believed that the perfect form was to be slender and young looking. They devised different ways to make sure that they did not gain any weight or get
wrinkles. They would often get massages of sesame oil and castor oil to help keep their skin young and wrinkle free.


Hygiene was not such a big issue to other royalties during their time, unlike in Egypt, they believed that it was important to remain clean and hygienic to maintain their health and appearance. They created some of the first all-natural soap. They created it by mixing olive oil and clay together. This soap paste was great for cleansing, nourishing and moisturizing the skin. The properties of the olive oil also helped reduced sun damage and promoted healing.

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Honey Mask

You will find hundreds of honey mask recipe online, but if you really want to tradition go ancient Egyptian style. Royalties would mix honey and milk together to create moisturizing face mask. They would use this often to hydrate and clarify the skin. Though, during that time royalties would use this mask all over their body.

Body Sugaring

Ancient Egypt was never a big fan of body hair; this is why they created the first ever body waxing method. They would melt sugar or honey to remove body and facial hair. The recipe may have changed through the years, but it’s still stem from the original ancient Egyptian recipe.

What do you think about these ancient Egyptian beauty tips? Do you believe there is another ancient culture that developed the beauty world as much as Egypt have? We hope that these tips were helpful to you. After trying some of these, share with us your result!

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