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Types Of Birth Control Methods

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You are in the prime of your life and you and your partner are in no rush in starting a family or you already have a family and don’t plan on having another child any time soon. You wonder what your options are when it comes to birth control.

You may want to have a family someday and wondering what you can do before then.
There are different methods of birth control and most of these are not as widely discussed as some. There are actually a variety of birth control methods that can fit your personal situation the best. The hard part of this would be choosing which one would be best for you. Each birth control method has its own pros and cons. Some of these methods will vary in accessibility regarding your health, location and status.

Male condom

The male condom is the most common form of birth control method. There are different brands that cater to this method. Male condoms are latex or polyurethane rubbers that
wrap the shaft to protect you and your partner from acquiring STDs and prevent pregnancy. Though,there is a right way to wear a condom to guarantee that it doesn’t break. There are certain people that tend to be allergic to latex or polyurethane that makes them unable to use this method. Lubricants that are oil based cannot be used
with latex since it can damage the material.

Patch or Ortho Evra

This is a simple patch that you can attach to your abdomen, arm or buttocks for a week before intercourse. This patch releases a hormone that prevents pregnancy. This patch is not applicable to everyone, especially ones that are at high risk of blood clots. If you
suffer from any blood related health problem, choose a different form of birth control method. The patch releases high amounts of estrogen, a lot stronger than a pill that can increase the risk of blood clots.

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The Pill

The really isn’t one specific type of pill, but one of the vaguest pills is the Extended cycle pill. This pill causes you to have menstruations once every three months. There isn’t a specific research that discusses the dangers of not having periods, but using this method long term is not yet deemed safe.


The diaphragm is a dome shaped birth control method that covers the cervix. This method must be used with spermicide. Women cannot perform this method on their own and must get to a medical professional to get fitted for a diaphragm. People that tend to have weight fluctuations (10 or more pounds) are not advised to use this method. Gaining or losing weight may cause you to go back to the doctor and get refitted. People that are also prone to bladder infections or have had toxic shock syndrome should avoid using a diaphragm.


An IUD is a surgically inserted copper device that prevents the egg from entering the egg. This method is 99% effective and can last up to 10 years. Doctors advise this birth control method for women that have given birth to prevent pain. When the IUD is inserted the uterus tend to expand and may cause pain. If you plan to have children in about 3 to 5 years choose another option.


The is a small size implant placed underneath the upper arm and can last up to 3 years. This method is 100% effective, but can be costly. One implant can cost $800. People that are overweight or taking St. John’s Wort should avoid using this method.

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Female condom

The female condom is made out of soft plastic or polyurethane that can protect you against STD’s and prevent pregnancy. This method birth control is inserted deep into the vagina, like a diagram and should be removed after use. This can be inserted 8 hours before intercourse. The female condom cannot protect you as much as a male condom would. So this birth control method is advised for people that are in a long term relationship or in a monogamous relationship.

Some religion may disapprove of it, but this can be a confusing topic for people that do not have the proper sex education or is trying to learn about birth control. This is a politically charged issue that most of have to deal with in one point in our life. We need to be more educated about the choices we can make and how it can affect us. We cannot depend on one form of birth control method alone. We hope that this simple list was able to help you differentiate one method from another and help you choose the best one for you. There are more birth control methods on the market that weren’t discussed on this list.

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