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Best Workouts When You Are Overweight

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Losing weight is difficult for everybody, but for millions of people that are overweight or obese, this can be a life altering challenge. Healthy living can come naturally to some people and most strays to an unhealthy path. There are people in this world that can eat whatever unhealthy food they can reach and still remain skinny, but for most people weight gain is evitable. If talking about health, a lot of us go through difficulties, no matter your weight. Though, people that get the most lash back are the obese or
overweight. There is a certain way that society views people that are bigger in stature. They often think that they don’t love themselves enough, eats too much or is lazy. The picture of someone overweight is considered unhealthy. That’s not always the case, though we’ve seen overweight people run marathons, tumble, dance and do sport as their normal weight counterpart. However, this extra weight, thus making these movements a lot harder. With this in mind, people that actually are struggling with their weight and health have a far harder weight loss journey than others.

Problem breathing, exhaustion, body pain and so on are way more intense if you carry a few pounds. So, how can you work out when most workouts were designed for people that are fitter and smaller than you? HIIT? Yoga? Crossfit? All these things may work, but not in this moment. When you still a beginner, your extra weight will play a huge role in how long you can last through a workout and your fitness level is on an all-time low too. Making most workouts incredibly difficult. When it comes to losing weight we always want to do things gradually to make sure that the results and habits last.

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Be Compassionate to Yourself

You are working out to better yourself. So, don’t think of working out as a punishment, but as a lifestyle choice. Never try to push yourself way beyond your limit and improve gradually. Try out these simple workouts and enhance your fitness level before trying anything challenging.


Walking can be a simple form of exercise, but people that tend to be overweight struggle with this due to the excess weight. It’s important to do short but frequent intervals of walking. Walking for a prolong period can cause pressure on your joints and can cause problems in the future. Starting with short intervals can help limit the pressure but still increase your fitness levels.Walking every day for a week can help increase your stamina that you can walk further or even try walking up hill.


Cycling is one of the best cardio exercises out there. It can help increase your heart rate and keep it pumping throughout the day. This exercise can help people that tend to be overweight to lose more weight without adding to much pressure to the body. You can do
this for about 30 minutes to an hour a day to see a visible weight loss in a month, this combined with a healthy diet.

Strength Training

The more muscle you have, the more calories you burn. Muscle is incredibly important when you are overweight, since your muscle can help you carry your body and allow better movement. You can start  with strength training before cardio to help improve your movement. This will also help boost your metabolism. Alternate from different muscle groups every day to have consistency.

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Aqua Training

Working out in a pool is one of the best workout when you are overweight. It is the combination of strength training and cardio. Water can also reduce your weight and allow you to workout for a longer period. This will also reduce any of the pressure on your joints. You can try aerobics in the pool or simply swimming a few laps.

Keep in mind when we mean overweight, we are not saying a few pound overweight. We mean people that actually struggle walking for long periods of time since their joints start to hurt due to the weight. People that have problems breathing after walking up a flight of stairs. Following a regular workout that were designed for people with a higher fitness level can actually cause a lot of pain and at times injuries. Consider these workouts before upgrading to anything harderto prevent serious health problems.

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