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6 Ways to Motivate Yourself before a Workout!

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Please do not choose to be one of those people that yap and yap about working out and go off about their own plans and end up not doing it. It is perfectly fine to give and share workout advice and to have open forums about it- but you do not have a right to impose really if your physical stance does not show what you preach. End these days of rounding the clock over and over just sitting and playing video games, scrolling down face book or ironically listing down your day’s plan and realize that it is 6 or 7 pm and you would rather just have some drinks and put it off for the next day.

1.) Make a small, realistic promise

Small things lead to bigger things when done in consistency. Big promises can be intimidating and you have to start with baby steps remember? For example tell yourself that you have to skip cake for a week or until you lose 3 pounds, and by then you can only have one slice. Whatever suits your personality, make a small rule that you are more confident that you can fulfill. You can also tell yourself that you will not buy shoes or clothes until you have fulfilled 3 or 4 workout sessions. Get creative.

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2.) Workout groups really work!

If you are a shy person then that is perfectly fine and should be respected. But when it comes real life and the value of finding people that will help you soar to success becomes more significant to you. A healthy and trustworthy social group is vital for success and a shady one can potentially ruin a chunk of your life. Friends are supposed to encourage, healthy competition is very welcome and shouldn’t intimidate you. Be each other’s cheerleader.

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3.)Don’t be a Debbie Downer

You really have got to have fun with life itself, have fun as much as possible even with things you are serious about. Fun is an element, it can be destructive or it can be fulfilling and only slightly offensive at the most. Invest in your workout experience. Go shopping for workout clothes, underwear, accessories, videos if you want, all in your favorite color if you want- as long as you do the actual workout in the end. And it is okay if you
do not finish or do it as well at first, of course everything hurts and stings more the first few times around.

4.)Keep track of yourself

List down your accomplishments and goals considerably neat on a tiny notebook. You can track what you have to improve on and it also acts as an encouraging piece of paper. People tend to forget good things about themselves, including the little accomplishments that still matter (because they make up big accomplishments).

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5.) Eat clean!

I cannot say this enough. Whole, healthy and fresh foods with trustworthy sources are the best for you and are minimal or zero in injected hormones and exposure to chemicals. It is rather difficult to feel motivated and light enough to even want to work out after you had pizza, steaks and ice cream all at once. Start by planning a delicious yet balanced diet- no starvation here, that is a no no. Just lessen synthesized, processed and injected sugars, fats, salts and other preservsatives.

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6.) Invest in good shoes and foot health

Your feet are fragile especially for the more overweight and unfit. Strengthening your ankles and making sure you do not get cramps easily is a health investment, your feet carry you, remember not to take them for granted. Stretch properly everyday, preferably in the morning even for just 10-20 minutes and maybe follow with a quick burst of cardio. Remember to be thorough with stretching out your whole body to get those knots out, especially in your hips, legs and feet.

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