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Home Remedies for Acne You Probably Didn’t Know About

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So you have tried all sorts of expensive acne remedies but still you’re suffering from the skin condition that’s wreaking havoc on the lives not only of teenagers but so many adults, too. Maybe it’s high time that you give some lesser-known solutions for acne a try.

This article will get you acquainted with some acne home remedies that you may haven’t heard about yet.

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Everyone knows that yogurt is good for the gut, thanks to the loads of those beneficial bacteria in them.

Did you know that this super healthy treat is also good for acne-ridden skin? You can count on the friendly bacteria in yogurt to fight off harmful bacteria responsible for acne.

Applying yogurt on affected areas of the face and leaving it there for a few minutes can work wonders, say probiotic proponents. Other than relying on yogurt topically, you may also consume it on a regular basis in order to fight bacterial infection and inflammation from within.

Banana Peel

Are you fond of eating bananas on a regular basis for the prevention of constipation as well as high blood pressure? Then you will surely love eating them more upon knowing that they’re actually acne fighters.

However, it’s just the banana peel that you need for the job, so nothing goes to waste ever.

What you need to do to zap acne ASAP is gently rub a banana peel on problem spots, with the fleshy part facing down. It works because antioxidants in banana peel help reduce inflammation. Keep on doing this routine even after your acne has healed because it’s also known to help reduce acne scars.

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The Beach

If you’re an acne sufferer, it’s a wonderful idea for you to hit the beach on a regular basis.

According to dermatologists themselves, salty water is good for acne-prone skin for a couple of reasons. First, it kills off bacteria because it possesses superb antimicrobial properties. Second, it helps dry acne so you can attain relief from such dreaded skin condition in no time.

Got no time or funds to hit the beach often? No worries! Dissolving a tablespoon of salt in a glass of lukewarm water may be used as a substitute for the beach’s salty water.


Got no allergy to aspirin? Then feel free to count on this well-known painkilling medication if you want to deal with your acne without spending a lot of money on those pricey anti-acne soaps, ointments and creams that do not work.

Skin care experts say that aspirin works because it helps control inflammation.

What you need to do is fish an aspirin tablet out of its bottle. Pulverize it. While mixing, add a drop or two of water. The goal is to come up with a paste. Daub on problem spot and rinse off with water after several minutes. This home remedy for acne is best done before you head out as it’s very good at keeping redness at bay.


Certainly, this particular lesser-known solution for acne is not for the faint of heart!

According to those who have already tried it, urine is very good at alleviating the signs and symptoms of acne. If you refuse to take their word for it, perhaps scientists can persuade you to give it a try: they say that a compound present in pee called urea is capable of reducing inflammation as well as conditioning acne-prone skin.

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Just in case you try this home remedy for acne, remember to thoroughly wash your face with water just before you step foot outside your home to meet your friends.

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