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Remove Hair Color from Hair

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There different reasons why we want to remove hair color from our hair. This can be caused by a botched color, wanting to put on a new color or just want to go back to your natural shade. Though, if you’re well aware about how hair color works, you know how removing hair color is a difficult business. It’s important to use the right technique and product to remove color. Learn about the different hair color removing techniques you can use.

Below are the top methods of removing hair color from hair.

Bleach It

One of the quickest and most common method of removing hair color is using bleach, this is also the hardest method. A lot can go wrong when bleaching your hair. Bleaching can damage your hair and make it dry, making it a method of last result. This method should be done with supervision, leaving the bleach on too long can lighten the color beyond your desired shade. Bleach can be unpredictable especially on previously colored hair. Though, bleach is one of the most effective way to strip away color. Bleach can remove the tone within a few minutes of application. This can remove permanent and semi-permanent color. To reduce the damaging effects of bleach you can mix equal parts bleach and shampoo together. Apply the bleach on colored hair before the roots and virgin hair. Previously colored hair takes a lot longer to bleach.

Anti-Dandruff Shampoo

Hairstylist would always tell you to avoid using hair anti-dandruff shampoo after coloring your hair for a good reason. Anti-dandruff shampoo contain harsh chemicals that can strip away the color from the hair. This method of hair color removal is effective for semi-permanent color. You have to wash your hair a few times before you notice the results. When using anti-dandruff shampoo combines it with hot water to increase fading. It’s important to use conditioners after using this shampoo since it can make the hair dry, especially after continual use.

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Vitamin C Treatment

Vitamin C treatments are great for the hands and nails, this treatment is also great for stripping away color from the hair. You can use this for semi-permanent color or permanent color that contain tones or shades that aren’t found in the hair. Create this vitamin c treatment with 2 to 3 tablets (depending on hair length) of 1000 mg vitamin c or 2 to 3 grams of vitamin c powder with equal part shampoo. Apply this mixture on the hair covering the hair strands that contain color. Leave it on for 20 minutes and nothing more. Rinse it with hot water first, apply conditioner and rinse with cold water.

Bath Salts

This may seem like a weird method of removing hair color but bath salts can help strip away color especially those that contain sodium bicarbonate. You can use bath or Epsom salts for removing semi-permanent hair dyes. Simply draw a bath or take a small bowl and add bath salts in it. Soak your hair in the water for about thirty to forty minutes or leave it as long as possible. Your hair will start to get rid of the pigment and will start to lighten. This one of the easiest and cheapest way to remove hair color, but like the other methods this can dry out your hair so make sure to condition it afterwards.

Color Removers

There are now products that are specifically made to remove permanent color. There are two types color strippers and color reducers. Color strippers work like bleach, they can strip away the hair color with a powerful chemical. Color reducers are less damaging to the hair and won’t affect your natural hair color. Though, this is a mild hair remover and may take a few tries to remove hair color completely.

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After using these different technique remember to deep condition your hair afterwards. All of these techniques will shed of moisture from your hair, it’s best to pick a conditioning treatment that will seep through the hair strands to prevent damage. You can remove semi-permanent color with baking soda and water. Don’t expect your color to wash away completely with one try, it will take a few times for the color to fade entirely. When washing your hair use hot water. This will help open up your hair cuticle speeding up the fading. 

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