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Tips for Chronic Inflammation

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Chronic inflammation can happen to anyone. Although not all inflammation is bad for your health, take for example, acute inflammation where the body produces healing agents to parts of the body that are injured, chronic inflammation can be. As a matter of fact, this type of inflammation can be due to an underlying condition such as heart disease, rheumatoid arthritis, cancer, and even diabetes. Fortunately, you will be able to reduce chronic inflammation with a few steps.

Avoid cigarettes and alcohol

Drinking alcohol and smoking cigarettes are two culprits that can trigger chronic inflammation because of the toxins that they contain. It is these toxins that can actually cause inflammation in the body. Stopping or at least reducing your intake and usage can be a huge relief to your body.

Use apple cider vinegar

Bloating is another sign of chronic inflammation. The gas building up in the body can make you look blown up but the good news is that you can minimize bloating or gas build up with the use of apple cider vinegar. A tablespoon of ACV to a glass of water can actually help protect your body against this issue.

Have more greens

Oxidative stress is a factor in chronic inflammation which you need to treat as soon as possible. This process is triggered when the body begins to over react to an injury or even a disease causing to attack itself. Fortunately, eating more leafy greens to your diet can reduce the stress by delivering nutrition and antioxidants to the body which can reduce inflammation in your body.

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Honey helps

It is also possible for you to fight chronic inflammation in the body with honey. This is especially true with the case of cough and sore throat. Honey has anti-bacterial properties that can treat these minor ailments easily. All that you have to do is to add a tablespoon of honey to your morning tea and drink to alleviate the symptoms fast.

Do yoga

Yoga is a combination of gentle movements and meditation that can actually help you in the long run. This practice has been found to minimize the amount of leptin in your body, which is the hormone that causes inflammation, while boosting your adiponectin levels, or hormones that soothe inflammation. The more you do this exercise, the better your body will be in the long run.

Turmeric works

Fever and chills are also caused by chronic inflammation so why not treat it as soon as possible with some cayenne? Adding some cayenne pepper to your drink or to your food can help fight off the chills while turmeric in a glass of milk will be able to reduce fever and symptoms of flu too. 

Chronic inflammation can be bothersome for sure, but with the right treatment, you will be able to reduce the symptoms as much as possible.


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