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Foundation Mistakes You’re Making

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One of the hardest things to pull off when it comes to wearing makeup is achieving that natural look using foundation. We all know how easy it is to apply that lip gloss on your lips or even make your lashes appear fuller with some mascara, but when faced with using foundation, many of us become amateurs no matter how often we use foundation before applying the rest of our makeup. If you are wondering if you are making mistakes with your foundation, here are some of the most common errors that most of us do so you will know how to avoid them.

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You’re using powder formula

We’re all guilty of using powdered foundation on our skin at one point in time. Although powder formula foundations are easy to apply, they can settle into the cracks and lines on your skin, giving you that cakey appearance. Those shimmer foundations can even make the pores on your skin appear bigger too. A better option would be to use a foundation that is either cream or liquid as they can make your skin look dewy and well hydrated.

You’re using the wrong type of foundation

Another mistake that we often make with foundation is that we are using the wrong type based on our skin type. You’ve probably noticed that your skin starts to itch or become red a few minutes after applying your foundation or it starts to look dull. These are sure signs that your skin is not compatible with the foundation that you are using. This is why it is important that you know what skin type you have so you will be able to choose accordingly.

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You always skip the primer

Why bother with the primer? Most of us skip this part because for us, it is not really necessary and can only add minutes to your makeup routine. Unfortunately, this is one of the biggest mistakes that you can do when wearing makeup. What the primer can do is to make it easier for you to apply your foundation and keep it longer on your skin too. What’s even better is that there are different types of primers that you can choose from that can help hydrate and mattify your skin.

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You don’t exfoliate

Are you wondering why you have those bumps and lumps on your face during the day? Don’t worry. They are merely buildup of dead skin cells and one that you can actually remove with the help of exfoliation. The good news is that there are daily exfoliants available that won’t harm your skin as they tend to be mild. You need to choose an exfoliator that is ideal for the type of skin that you have to avoid exacerbating your skin’s condition.

You use your fingers when applying foundation

Unless you are a makeup pro, it is best that you use a foundation brush when applying your foundation rather than using your fingers. The brush can help you apply the product evenly on your skin so you’ll have a smoother and more natural finish. You can also use damp sponges to apply your foundation but this can also make you waste some of the product too. You can use the sponge after you have applied the foundation to better get the product on your skin. 

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These are just a few examples of foundation mistakes that we are all guilty of but now that we are aware of these errors, we can take steps to avoid them the next time we apply makeup. With a little practice, we’ll be like a pro when it comes to applying foundation in no time.

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