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The Many Beauty Benefits of Kukui Nut Oil

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For hundreds of years now, Hawaiian women rely on kukui nut oil for dealing with a variety of skin and hair problems. Lightly scented and has a light-yellow coloration, it is extracted from the seeds of the kukui nut tree or what’s more commonly known as candlenut tree — it got its name from the fact that Hawaiians used to light up the fruits of the said tree and employed them as candles or for lighting torches.

Kukui nut oil may not be as well-known as other oils on the planet that can be used for various beautification purposes. However, it can definitely leave you impressed just like all the rest. In fact, more and more products for the skin and mane rely on kukui nut oil to deliver. Let’s take a look at how kukui nut oil can improve your looks:


It Moisturizes Skin

What’s so great about kukui nut oil is it’s easily absorbed by the skin. This is the reason why you won’t feel greasy when using it as a moisturizer. Apply on your knees and elbows to keep them from being rough and dry. Feel free to slather kukui nut oil on your face without ending up looking shiny, or your hands without leaving grease everywhere.
It Works as a Sunscreen, Too

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Applying kukui nut oil before you step foot outside allows you to obtain sunscreen protection. Since its ability to shield you from the sun’s UV rays is limited, do take note that nothing can beat using sunscreen with an SPF of at least 15 in saving your skin from damage and the premature aging signs the sun brings.

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It Soothes Sunburn

Lost track of time while enjoying the great outdoors and now you have sunburn? Liberally massage kukui nut oil on the affected areas of your skin to attain much-needed relief. By the way, it is good for other types of mild burns, too. In fact, some hospitals use it for managing skin burns caused by radiation therapy.


It Helps Alleviate Acne

Thanks to its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, kukui nut oil may be used for treating acne. Unlike other oils that are also known to provide relief from acne, kukui nut oil won’t leave you feeling greasy as it is absorbed by your skin very well. In other words, it effectively heals acne without leaving your face super shiny.


It Also Soothes Other Skin Issues

Since kukui nut oil is capable of soothing skin inflammation, it also makes for a wonderful remedy for all sorts of inflammatory problems concerning the skin. For instance, it may be applied regularly on eczema and psoriasis in order to reduce the unfavorable symptoms associated with the said skin diseases.


It Improves Stretch Marks

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Some women can attest to the effectiveness of kukui nut oil in improving the appearance of stretch marks. It doesn’t really come as a surprise because the said oil is packed with fatty acids and vitamin E. Just make sure that you apply it religiously in order to see results without having to spend cash on expensive stretch mark solutions.


It Promotes Healing of Wounds

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The mild antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties of kukui nut oil also make it very useful in healing minor cuts and scrapes. It is said that the wound-healing benefits of kukui nut oil can be enhanced by the addition of calendula oil, which is known to possess a number of skin benefits, too!


It Wards Off Split Ends

Massaging some kukui nut oil on your mane while it is still damp after having your shower or bath is a wonderful idea. That’s because its moisturizing properties can help keep your hair from breakage and split ends. Since it’s so light, kukui nut oil won’t make your hair look limp and lifeless.

These are the amazing beauty benefits that kukui not oil brings. Just remember to keep a bottle of it away from heat and direct sunlight in order to keep its ability to give you fabulous skin and hair intact for a long time.

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