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Tricks to Making Your Manicure Last

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The last thing that you want to see when it comes to your nails is that you have chipped your nail polish at one point while working around the house or in the office. That chip in your nails will certainly haunt you the rest of the day for sure. A lot of women often experience this just after a few days or a week at most after painting their nails which can be quite annoying especially when you wish that your manicure will last longer.

Fortunately, you can extend the life of your manicure by following a few tricks like the ones below.

Care for your cuticle first. If you want to make your manicure last longer than before, make sure that you care for your cuticles first. You will need to push back your cuticles first before you apply any nail polish. Use a Q-tip or even a brush to get rid of any excess polish that you may brush against your skin.

Two layers of basecoat. Another trick that will help your manicure last is to apply two layers of base coat on your nails to avoid chipping especially on the edges of your nails. Apply the first layer of basecoat then once it dries, apply another layer starting from the middle to the ends of your nails. The second coating will make your nails more resilient so that even when you type, write, text, and what not, your manicure won’t easily get chipped.

Buff your nails. To make your nail polish last longer on your nails, you should buff your nails first. If you are going to run your fingers over your nails, you’ll probably notice some ridges on the nails. Some women have more prominent ridges which are the ones that often break the nail polish. Buffing your nails in one direction can help smoothen the surface of your nails so that your manicure will be applied evenly. Don’t buff in every direction as it will make it difficult for you to smoothen the surface of your nails in the process.

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Roll your nail polish bottle. Some women often make the mistake of shaking their manicure bottle up and down. Unfortunately, this causes pockets of air to appear in the nail polish which is one of the reasons why your manicure chips or breaks easily. What you should do instead is to simply roll the bottle forward and backward in your palms to help remove any air bubbles. You’ll find that your manicure will last longer this way too.

The topcoat is important. Just because you had your nails done in the nail salon, it doesn’t mean that you won’t need the topcoat anymore. Well, if you want to make your manicure last longer, you will need to apply a thin layer of topcoat on your nails every day as this will serve as protection against the usual work you put your hands to. Also, the top coat can make your nails stronger too.

Use cool air for drying. There is a common misconception that hot air or blowing on your nails will make your nails dry faster. If you are pressed for time and you want your manicure to dry quickly, dip them in a bowl of cold water for a few minutes and your nail polish will dry quickly. 

Making your manicure last is possible especially when you follow the tips mentioned above. These are all simple tricks that can extend the life of your manicure significantly. Try them out and see whether they work for you.

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