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Style Your Hair for Your Age

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There is a belief that women should cut their hair short once they reach thirty. This doesn’t completely apply to our generation. The idea is completely out of date and so are most of the hair style rules. You can look great with long hair or short hair every decade of your life. The only important thing about it is that it should be age appropriate and manageable. You don’t want to look like you’re 50 when you’re in your early 20’s right? Here are some easy tips to help you get reference on which hairstyle would be best for our age and which would be more appropriate to your lifestyle. Read on below to find out more.


This is probably the only years in your life that you can do anything to your hair and have it considered as a phase. Don’t worry, this is the time where you don’t have as much freedom as you wish to style your hair or have much knowledge on how to style it. So, finding out the right style for your hair during this period is close to impossible. Don’t worry about it just yet. You’ll have a few years to get it just right. Experiment, ask your parents about coloring your hair or getting bangs. Do what you think is fun, just be careful with your hair. You don’t want to lose your hair early in life because you over processed it.

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This is the year we are given the utmost liberty to do what we want with our hair. We can experiment as much as we want. This is the years of your life where you can pull off almost anything and still look modern, prim and stylish. You can go for traditional to trendy. Short, long to bald. Be adventurous, do what you think, feel and looks good. Though, consider how your hair should be styled when going to that all important first interviews. Remember, keep it classy in the office and be chic outside. Try going all natural during this time. Learn more about how your hair flows, what it looks like longer and what the best length and texture is for you.

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This is the time where we have to be a little more polished. This is a point in our life where we are near or in the peak of our career; and we want to look professional. We need to be taken seriously to move up the ladder. Sporting the same hairstyle, you had when you started college is not really cutting it. Try hair styles that lift at the roots, ones that have more volume. The length, mostly depends on you. The power of the haircut really matters. If you feel more confident with long hair, then stick with it. Just add a little more style to it or color it in as striking yet professional manner. This is also the time where you have enough money to invest in the best hair styling tools. Purchase some curling irons or flat irons. Experiment at home and see which one works best in your profession, lifestyle and face shape. Though, the idea of having incredibly long hair during this age can make you appear a lot older than you really are.

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Forties and Fifties

Layers work wonders during this age. More movement in your hair, the younger your face will appear. Some people may experience hair loss and graying hair during this period. Don’t worry, this is a natural part of aging. We can cover up thinning hair with a darker shade of hair color and layers. If that doesn’t work, you can always invest in some extensions to add more length and volume to the hair. This is the age where you have to really focus on the health of your hair. This is when it is vulnerable to changes and damage. You don’t have to opt for short hair, though this is better since the shorter your hair is the less tension there is in your hair follicle.

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Sixties and Over

This is the time where our hair color changes completely. Sticking to light colors such as blondes and light browns will only make your hair appear thinner and fragile. It’s best to apply darker shades during this time. Darker hair color with according to your skin tone can actually make you look younger. Avoid haircuts that are too bulky and heavy. This can make the face look older.

To sum up everything, there really is no specific way to cut or style your hair according to your age. This is mostly preference, tis guide is only here to help you find out the most appropriate one for your age range. The only thing to keep in mind is that these are the basic rules. If one haircut works for you and you are happy with it keep it! Remember to pick hairstyles that shows off your good side and shows off your personality. Have fun with it! It’s your hair, don’t let anyone say what you can and can’t do with it.

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