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Amazing Tips in Using Lipton Green Tea in Losing Extra Pounds

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We all wish we can lose weight with a snap of our fingers. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work that way. It appears that we have to do it the hard way as there is no miracle cure for our fats to be eliminated instantly. Yes, there are endless diet programs out there that claim that they can help make us lose weight but sometimes they are just fad diets to begin with. Also, there is a possibility that we can’t really stick with the diet plan that we are following because of our busy schedule. Well, whatever our reason may be, we might want to consider trying something simple such as drinking Lipton Green Tea to jumpstart our weight loss.

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So how does this work?

Green tea is considered to be one of the healthiest beverages that we can drink today and the brand, Lipton, is actually one of the most trusted today. You see, green tea contains catechins that are antioxidants that can help keep your weight down, protect you against cancer, cardiovascular issues, and others. If you are not into drinking green tea, the taste can be off putting but, once you get used to it, the taste isn’t really that bad.

How to Use Lipton Green Tea for Weight Loss?

This particular brand of tea contains the highest quality of tea leaves that are packed for your enjoyment. You will find that this tea can actually deliver plenty of flavonoids in your system that can encourage your body to metabolize faster. This particular tea doesn’t come with sodium, fats, or even carbohydrates in it but it does have about 35mg of caffeine. This ingredient actually encourages thermogenesis as well as fat oxidation for that matter. This is one reason why this beverage is a nice addition to your diet especially when you are trying to shave off a few pounds.

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To get the most out of Lipton Green tea, you should aim for 2 to 4 cups of this healthy drink. You can even increase it to 8 cups if you like with the caffeine intake still at a decent number unless you are sensitive to caffeine. Just make sure that you don’t drink beyond 400 mg per day as this can already have an adverse effect on your body. Start by boiling 6 to 8 oz of water in a teapot. Place one to two Lipton Green Tea on each cup then pour the water over them. Let the tea bags steep for a minute or two before drinking. You can let it steep longer if you like so that more of its health benefits are released.

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When to Drink Tea?

Is there a right time for you to drink this beverage? Well, you might want to drink a cup or two of this tea an hour before you exercise as it helps raise your endurance levels while reducing your exertion rate. This means that you will be able to exercise at a high intensity compared to before. Keep in mind that doing high intensity training can actually yield better results in terms of preserving muscle mass while you are losing weight.

The good news about drinking green tea is that you can add other flavors to it such as lemon, honey, or even stevia because these are all safe ingredients to ingest that will not cause your weight to go up at all.

As you can see, drinking Lipton green tea does have its perks in terms of weight loss. Adding this to your daily routine may actually help you see some difference in your weight in no time.

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