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Is It Good to Include Tindora in Your Diet?

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No, tindora is not the newest dating app for smartphones nor the title of the latest sci-fi movie. Tindora is actually a nutritious fruit (it’s technically a fruit but regarded by most as a vegetable) that is popular most especially in Asia and certain parts of Africa. In other places of the planet, tindora is more commonly known as ivy gourd.

Read on if you like to know more about tindora, especially the many health perks it can offer. After taking a look at this article, share it to get your family and friends acquainted with it, too!

Tindora is not that popular outside of Asia and Africa. In places where it is widely cultivated, tindora is harvested before it reaches maturity, and it is eaten either raw or cooked with other vegetables. Immature tindora is green in color, which turns redder and redder as it reaches maturity.

A small cucumber — this is what tindora looks like. It doesn’t really come as surprise since tindora is actually related to cucumber. It is also related to the likes of squash and melons, all of which are members of the cucurbitaceae family.

Without any more ado, let’s take a look at some of the reasons why tindora should be added to the diet:

It Keeps the Brain and Nerves Healthy

Tindora is very rich in B vitamins. These nutrients are important for maintaining the proper functioning and health of the nervous system, including most especially the brain and nerves. B vitamins help in dealing with problems such as numbing, tingling or burning sensation of the extremities.

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It Beats Fatigue and Stress

B vitamins found abundantly in tindora is also very good at keeping the body energized. That’s because they help in the conversion of food into energy. B vitamins are also known to help the body in coping with stress. So if your everyday life is a busy one, it’s a good idea for you to consume tindora and other B vitamin-rich foods regularly.

It Maintains Normal Glucose Levels

Diabetics and prediabetics alike can benefit tremendously from including tindora in their diet. It’s for the fact that it is very rich in fiber — fiber helps in regulating the amount of glucose that is released into the bloodstream at a time. With the levels of glucose regulated, hyperglycemia and its complications can be avoided.

It Helps Prevent Constipation

Being rich in fiber, tindora is a wonderful defense against constipation. Fiber creates bulk that makes it easier for the colon to expel waste materials and toxins. By the way, doctors say that a diet that’s high in fiber can also prevent hemorrhoids from striking, and may even lower a person’s risk of suffering from colon cancer.

It Promotes Weight Loss

Trying to get rid of excess pounds so that you may obtain the figure you are dreaming about? Make sure that you regularly include tindora and other fiber-containing foods in your diet. You see, anything that’s loaded with fiber is heavy on the stomach, and this saves you from feeling hungry or wanting to consume lots of food every meal.

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