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Best Teas for Every Mood

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Tea drinking has become popular once more especially now when studies have shown of their numerous health benefits. Among the types of tea that are considered favorites are green tea, oolong, and white tea because they can reduce one’s risk of heart problems, Alzheimer’s, cancer and others. However, most people don’t realize the tea can also have an effect on one’s mood. As a matter of fact, there are certain types of teas that can help you relax, increase your productivity levels, and so on. So which teas are appropriate for your mood? Here are some to get you started.

  • Chamomile. If you are feeling stressed out lately and you need a way to achieve a calm and relaxed frame of mind, do yourself a favor and prepare chamomile tea. Even lemongrass tea can ease the tension in you so that you will be able to work clearly with a calm mind.
  • Ginger. Is your stomach upset hindering your productivity levels? Instead of taking some Pepto Bismol, try sipping ginger tea. Ginger is actually a good remedy when it comes to soothing your stomach as well as other problems in your digestive system. And if you’re suffering from some horrible hangovers, you should definitely go for ginger tea to solve your nausea.
  • Green tea. Most of us go for a cup of coffee to revitalize us during slow hours but if you are sensitive to caffeine or you want to cut back on your coffee intake, a better alternative would be green tea. You can also opt for black chai which also has minimal amount of caffeine in it with chai spices to help you perk up.
  • Orange tea. There will those days when you feel that you hate the whole world which isn’t surprising as stress can take a toll on us from time to time. But if you’re feeling down in the dumps, skip that pint of ice cream in the fridge but rather go for some orange or even lemon tea. Smelling the citrusy scent of orange and lemon can actually boost your mood and, if you add the high amounts of antioxidants in them, you’ll find that you’re actually perkier than before.
  • Rooibos. Another possible tea for those stressful days is rooibos. This will help reduce your stress levels so you will be able to function better. You can also add some ginger or a combination of chamomile and ginger to help calm your digestive system while you are at it.
  • Mint tea. If you are not really into caffeinated drinks even if they are in tea form, why not opt for mint instead? Mint leaves can give you that jolt you need when your energy levels start to dip.
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As you can see, there are indeed different types of teas out there that you can choose from depending on what mood you are in at the moment. What’s great about these choices is that they are all safe to be used and that a cup can already yield quite a lot of health benefits.

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