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8 Natural Ways to Even Out Your Skin Tone and Get Glowing

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It takes commitment and real care to maintain healthily smooth and fairly even skin for most individuals.  Some are genetically gifted and do not need much looking after and some skin types are pretty fragile and get bruised, scratched, roughened or darkened easily from friction, malnutrition or lack of hygiene.  Skin lightening products are inefficient or too chemical often and I think skin whitening is unnecessary in my opinion.  I am for natural, for healthy natural and exposure to sunshine is wonderful.

Here are 7 natural ways to keep your skin in its glowing, natural color while evening out blemishes.

  1. Have some sun.

Too little exposure to sunlight will not give you that golden glow, unless your skin is very fragile just put on sunscreen and try it out for a few minutes everyday to gain sun tolerance.  It is more unnatural to not get sun, it completes our vitamin chart and does indeed help our skin quality.  Too little sun can get you pale and even blotchy or spotty instead of smooth and warm and glowing.  Freckles are adorable but skin spots from lack of sunshine is different.

The sun is our friend and putting on beach wear and a good amount of sunscreen injects vitamin D and pore-opening heat.  A bit of a sun kiss is like a protective layer for the skin against elements.  All types of skin get dull without a little sunshine, dark skin gets gray and loses its lushness.

  1. Exercise, it is the other best medicine in the world besides healthy food and positive mindsets.

People really tend to forget that exercising is the top 1 natural medicine along with good diet.  Moving about is so overly important and affects everything in your body, brain activity for sure massively improves.  Working out squeezes toxins out the body much faster and much more effectively combined with good foods.

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Exercise opens up all circulation and creaks and rids of petty body pains that can potentially balloon to worse.  Your pores will open up often and leak out toxins which is a skin beauty treatment in itself.  Make sure you moisturize your body parts that deal with a lot of skin to skin or floor to skin friction.

Exercising makes your body access stored minerals and other nutrients, making it more efficient and evenly stronger throughout.

  1. Coconut  oil.

Amazing, nutrition-packed, delicious superfood that is one of the best beauty products in the world.  It is so fatty and moisturizing yet dries up with a light, non-sticky feeling.  Effective with blemishes when applied daily or every other day with massage.

  1. Tea tree oil and Aloe Vera

Very well known to be antibacterial, anti-acne, anti-stretch marks and fights against excessive oils without drying.  Very fragrant and nice to be mixed with peppermint oil.  Aloe vera is powerful on its own too but tea tree oil and aloe vera extracts together are like defender of scars.

  1. Citrus or citrus extracts.

The vitamin C, other antioxidants, antibacterial and collagen-enriching properties of lemons and limes are hard to beat and often overlooked.  You can mix extra virgin coconut, castor oil or extra virgin olive oil with the citrus to make a real beauty and health elixir.

  1. Gentle cotton pads and vinegar or organic toners.

Alcohol-based toners are too harsh and can cause more damage to the skin.  Vinegar is an ancient cleaner and super healthy diet food, it is reliable and gentle enough but merciless to bacterial life.  Apple cider or a fruitier vinegar is fine.

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Dabbing onto pimples, wounds, abrasions and other types of skin conditions with a cotton ball or soft cloth also evens out skin color while disinfecting.

  1. Take natural supplements.

Especially vitamin C, multivitamins, B-complex, vitamin E and iron if you have an iron deficiency.

  1. Last but not the least, eat your fruits and vegetables, don’t put them on your face right away.

Articles and beauty zines keep telling us about natural face masks but eating cleanly is logical and most effective. What goes in is most important and affects the outside too.

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