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The Best Food Items to Speed Up Weight Loss

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As we go through aging, the body’s metabolic processes slow down. This slow down in metabolism facilitates faster weight gain.  Lucky for us, we can still make the necessary diet changes to achieve significant weight loss in a healthy and safe manner.

According to a study published by the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, out of the 120,000 participants they have observed over a span of 16 years, those who ate foods that feature high glycemic load gained more weight than those who ate food items with low glycemic load. High-glycemic food items include refined grains, starches, and sugar, whilst those that feature a low glycemic index include nuts, dairy, fruits, and vegetables. Low glycemic food items help in weight loss. Check out the other findings from this extensive research about foods that help in weight loss.

  • People who lose the most weight are those who eat seafood, skinless chicken, buts, and yogurt.
  • There is no different in the amount of weight gain/loss in those who drink low fat dairy vs full fat dairy
  • Diets that include red and processed meat gain weight the most, especially the meals are combined with refined grains or starches
  • Eating meat with low glycemic items like vegetables help in reducing excess weight
  • Eating eggs and dairy products with high glycemic food items is associated with weight gain, whilst eating the same food items with low glycemic food items can induce weight loss

The studies reveal that the best diet for weight loss includes high protein food items such as nuts, yogurt, fish, other seafood all of which help in preventing weight gain. Try to avoid refined grains, starches, and sugars that impede weight loss, and instead replace them with consuming dairy and eggs. Instead of eating red meat, replace them with the intake of lean meat such as turkey meat or chicken meat instead.

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