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Natural Remedies for Hangovers

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So, you went out with your friends with the night before and decided to go out drinking.  You wake up with a painful stomach, lethargy and a headache. The need to vomit and lay down on your bed overwhelms you. You my friend have a hangover.

There is no exact cause for hangovers. Theories say that alcohol causes dehydration and alters the biological rhythm; others believe that alcohol withdrawal causes hangovers. Some research suggests that impurities in alcohol can cause the nausea and headache. The sweeter the drink is, the more prone you are to hangovers. Malt liquors are more prone to impurities than other drinks. Even red wine can cause hangovers. Most people understand their limits. Some can drink more than 4 drinks without getting a hangover while some can only go for two. The key to avoiding hangovers is to limit the amount of alcohol drink you consume. There will be days where we will get a hangover, it’s best to be prepared. Here are a few natural remedies and tricks to curing a hangover.

Take Some Vitamins

Most important vitamins to take when you feel like burying yourself in your blanket with a hangover is you B vitamins. Alcohol can greatly deplete your body of vitamins and it also slows down the body function. B vitamins can help fight that by speeding up the metabolic process. It can help the liver detox better and help you eliminate toxins from the alcohol you drank. You can take one or two tablets of B vitamins daily after drinking. You can take B vitamins daily! Not only can it help with the metabolic process it can also improve nerve function.

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The most important thing you can do to cure your hangover is to drink up. Alcohol can really dehydrate your body and can make hangovers a lot worse. So, drink a lot of water as soon as you wake up. Make sure to also drink a lot of water before you start drinking your alcoholic drink and consume one glass of water per alcoholic drink. If there is some available, drink coconut water. It is one of the best drinks you can use to cure a hangover. It is high in electrolytes that can help with dehydration. If there isn’t one available, add sea salt and lemon slices to your water. This can make it alkalize great for combating stomach aches and acidity. Green juices can also work well with hangovers. Though, chunky green smoothies can be too heavy when you have a hangover.

Eat Healthy

A lot of us crave unhealthy food when we are drunk. The greasier and the fattier it is the better, but these unhealthy choices will only make your hangover worse and can cause painful vomiting. A great thing to eat after drinking is something filled with good fats and protein. These types of food can help remove with toxins and dehydration. A few examples are eggs, spinach and avocados. It also works well for breakfast. A healthy breakfast when you have a hangover can make a huge difference throughout the day. Before drinking, some people consume a tablespoon of olive oil to help reduce absorption in the intestinal tract, reducing the chances of hangovers.

Sweat It Out

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When trying to get rid of nicotine in the body, we tend to spend a day in the sauna to sweat it off. You can do the same for hangovers. Sweating away the toxins and replacing them with water can help cure the hangover faster. A great thing you can do is to sweat through exercise. It can help release endorphins and improve blood flow. It can be difficult to work out if you have a throbbing headache. Simple exercises such as yoga and Pilates can help make you sweat and is known to reduce headaches.


Hangovers becomes a lot worse if the body lacks sleep. Your body needs to heal and not giving it enough time rest and recover can make hangovers last longer. When you are planning to drink make sure that you can sleep the day off the next day. There really isn’t much you can do to remove the hangover instantly. So, take some time off and hydrate your body.

Drinking alcohol is a pleasurable and relaxing habit, but can be incredibly damaging to the health. Over consumption of alcohol can make you more vulnerable to diseases such as liver problems, diabetes and heart problems. Always drink in moderation.

Use these remedies and tricks to help you get rid of a hangover. Do you have your own trick to removing hangovers? Share it with us!

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