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Fix Uneven Skin Tone with these Natural Treatments

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If you love playing under the sun, be it on land or in the water, then there’s a high chance that you’ve experienced uneven skin tone. This happens when there’s an appearance of discolorations or pigmentations on your skin. This condition may be triggered by various factors but no matter what the cause is, the fact remains that uneven skin tone is unattractive and it makes you look older than your actual age. This is why a lot of women and men are desperately looking for ways to treat this skin problem.

Treatments for Uneven Skin Tone

If you have uneven skin tone, know that it’s not the end of the world. There are a lot of skin care products available containing a vast array of ingredients from homemade organic solutions to commercially manufactured products. Before we proceed to the treatment, however, we must first identify what the source of the problem is. Why is this important? This is because treating uneven skin tone is more than just addressing problems with your hormones. Different causes and different skin types mean different treatment procedures that’s why it’s also important to know what works best for you. If your skin is sensitive, don’t go for abrasive treatments because that will only do your skin more harm than good. You may opt to use natural treatments that are gentle on the skin.

Natural Treatments for Sunburn and Uneven Skin Tone

Sunburn is the number one cause of uneven skin tone. It’s fun to play under the sun especially when you’re out there in the vast ocean and surfing every wave that comes your way. There’s absolutely no problem with playing under the sun for hours however, prolonged sun exposure will only damage your skin. The body produces melanin which helps shield the skin from the sun’s harmful UV rays. However, an overproduction of melanin happens when there’s too much sun exposure causing discolored age spots. You can avoid sunburn and uneven skin
tone by applying sunblock whenever you have to go out. It will also help if you limit the number of hours that you stay under the sun. Since time flies when you’re having fun, then we recommend that you wear outfits that have UV protection.Here are some natural home treatments that you can apply on the discolored skin:

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• Aloe Vera: This plant is well known for treating uneven skin tone. It’s readily available, and it has a cooling effect that helps alleviate the pain caused by skin inflammation. It can also moisturize your skin while treating the discoloration.

• Brown Sugar and Olive Oil: Mix olive oil and brown sugar to form a natural exfoliant. The grains of the brown sugar will gently scrub off the dead cells from the surface of your skin to expose the healthy skin that’s lying beneath it. The olive oil aids in restoring the skin’s moisture.

• Lemon Juice and Water: Lemon juice has high levels of acidity that can help lessen the appearance of the uneven skin tone caused by sunburn. Don’t apply it directly on the skin because it will sting. Dilute it by mixing five parts of water and one part of fresh lemon juice. Then, use clean cotton balls to gently dab the diluted lemon juice on the affected area of the skin. After ten minutes, remove the mixture by rinsing it with cold water.

• Yogurt: It contains lactic acid that, according to a lot of experts, helps exfoliate and remove dead cells from the surface of the skin. Yogurt reduces skin blemishes and has a cooling effect when applied on the skin that’s why it’s one of the popular natural remedies for sunburn.

•Vitamin C: Whether you apply it topically or eat it, the effect will be the same. Your body needs vitamin C to produce collagen and keep your skin healthy. A 2013 study showed that vitamin C, when used as a paste, is an effective short-term solution for treating hyperpigmentation on the skin (melasma).

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Professional Skin Care Treatments for Uneven Skin Tone

If you find that natural treatments take forever to take effect, then you might want to try professional skin care treatments:

•Chemical Peel: There are various kinds of chemical peels with different levels of intensity so consult your dermatologist before doing this procedure to find out if your skin can take the pressure. Chemical peel gently removes or peels the outer layer of the skin to speed up the production of new skin cells.

•Intense Pulsed Light: this process treats uneven skin tone with the use high-intensity bursts of light. The light prompts the damaged and discolored skin to flake off while stimulating the growth of new and healthy skin.

• Microdermabrasion: Teeny tiny crystals are used to gently scrub the outer layer of the skin to reveal the healthy skin underneath.

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