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Tips on How to Stop Binge Eating

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Unlike bulimia, you don’t exercise a lot, take laxatives or make yourself puke after binge eating. However, it is something can definitely leave you feeling terribly guilty afterwards.

In this article, you will come across some tips on how to put binge eating to an end effectively.

Make sure that you repost this article online — some of your family members and friends may be secretly suffering from binge eating and are on the hunt for ways to put the problem under control.

But before we take a look at those tips, let’s get one thing straight: everything you will find below is not medical advice. Since binge eating is a form of eating disorder, it is a good idea for you to seek the help of an expert.

Quit Achieving Perfection

It is said that most people who binge eat are perfectionist, especially when it comes to the way they look. And that is why you should refrain from trying to achieve perfection if you want the problem to end.

Many have attempted to be perfect in the past, but all of them failed big time.

What’s the use in trying to attain perfection when it’s something unattainable? Just accept the fact that you cannot control everything and you are the best version of you. Do that and you’ll be happier and less stressed.

Stay Away From the Bathroom Scale

Is it your habit to step on the bathroom scale several times a day to ensure that you are still within your ideal weight or you are continually losing excess pounds? Don’t if you no longer want to be a binge eater.

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Keep in mind that how you feel about yourself is more important than numbers.

Do you fit in a pair of jeans that you couldn’t wear months ago? Do you feel like you are more energetic now? Do you get lots of flattering remarks about your appearance? Then there’s no need to rely on what the bathroom scale says.

Turn Your Back on Fad Diets

It seems like one type of diet is constantly being replaced by another type of diet. Want to know the reason why? That’s because no fad diet can provide results that can be enjoyed for a lifetime.

With such being the case, there is no point in trying a fad diet that’s currently taking social media by storm.

Rather than stick to a certain type of diet, just focus on getting your hands on healthy foods. They’re really easy to spot: they are those that are rich in fiber, protein, healthy carbs, vitamins and minerals.

Focus on Adding Than Removing

Certainly, it can be very stressful to think that you have to get rid of some of the foods that you love and replace them with those that are highly recommended by nutrition experts.

To save yourself from pressure, focus on what you can add to your diet than what you need to ditch.

For instance, you may add a bowl of oatmeal topped with blueberries and a glass of orange juice for breakfast. And since you may already be full after having them, you may have just a piece of waffle rather than three.

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Eat as Slowly as You Can

Did you know that it can take up to 20 minutes before your brain notices that your stomach is already full? If you eat really quickly, then it’s very much likely for you to end up consuming more food that you really should.

It’s exactly for this reason why it’s a good idea for you to eat very slowly.

You can use your non-dominant hand. You can use chopsticks. You can chew your food 15 to 30 times. You can describe every spoonful of food that you put in your mouth — its smell, its texture and the ingredients probably used.

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