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This Body Scrub Recipe Will Make Your Skin Glow and Wake Up Your Senses

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It cannot be denied that body scrubs are some of the most sought after beauty products on today’s market. Everyone is also well-aware that many of these goodies can come with very steep price tags.

Fret not if you are a budget-conscious individual and you want to pamper yourself with the use of a premium body scrub because this article will teach you how to make one at home.

What’s so amazing about the homemade body scrub recipe you will encounter below is it can make your complexion glow and at the same time enliven your senses with its amazing fragrance!

No, you will not use any type of essential oil which usually costs a lot. What you will use is something that can be readily found in most kitchens, and it can be in your kitchen this instant especially if you love coffee.

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The said ingredient is coffee grounds! But the budget-conscious person in you need not feel upset because the recipe below entails the use of already used coffee grounds.

So if you’re someone who brews coffee at home several times a day, all you have to do is have those used coffee grounds stashed in the refrigerator until such time that you’re ready to make your very own body scrub.

While it’s true that you may start rubbing those coffee grounds on your skin, adding something to it can multiply the skin benefits they offer by several times.

And just like coffee grounds, this additional ingredient is something that can be found in an average kitchen. And even if you don’t have it around currently, a quick trip to the supermarket lets you get your hands on it.

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This added ingredient is nothing but a lemon, in particular its juice. We all know that lemon juice is packed with vitamin C, and that’s why it is a very popular home remedy for a lot of skin issues.

Lemon juice is commonly used for dealing with pimples and acne. It is also a very popular all-natural remedy for fine lines and wrinkles. Many swear by lemon juice’s ability to improve the appearance of dark scars.

By adding a little lemon juice to coffee grounds, you can come up with a luxurious body scrub that can easily make your skin look glowing, which is something that cause a lot of heads to turn towards you.

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Such is brought about by the fact that lemon juice is mildly acidic, allowing it to gently remove excess dead skin cells that can make anyone’s complexion look dull and boring.

What’s more, caffeine in coffee grounds is absorbed by the skin, and this stimulates blood circulation. With your skin cells supplied with more oxygen and nutrients, your complexion will surely glow!

And the characteristic smell of coffee will certainly enliven your senses, making this homemade body scrub perfect for use in the morning or any other time of the day where you could use a little dose of energy.

Here are the steps for making your very own body scrub out of coffee grounds and lemon juice:

Gather 1 cup of used coffee grounds and put it in a small mixing bowl. 

Squeeze the juice of 1/2 lemon into the mixing bowl. 

Combine the ingredients very well. 

Massage the homemade body scrub on your damp skin using your hands. 

Allow the mixture to remain on your skin for about 15 minutes to let its ingredients do their job. 

Rinse off the mixture very well afterwards.

It is a good idea to exfoliate your body with coffee ground and lemon juice mixture once or twice a week to keep your complexion looking glowing.

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