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Get to Know the Perks of Steaming Your Face (And How to Do It at Home)

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One of the most sought after treatments at spas and beauty salons is facial steaming — not only can it make you feel relaxed, but also look attractive! Did you know that you really don’t have to step foot outside your home and shell out some cash just to get your face steamed? Yes, it’s something that you can do in the comfort of your abode!

Read on to know some of the reasons why it’s a great idea to steam your face on a regular basis, and also learn the steps to pulling off this beautifying treatment at home. After checking out the contents of this article, share it on your various social media sites — your beauty- and money-conscious family and friends will surely thank you for it.

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At your favorite spa or beauty salon, facial steaming is performed with the use of a special machine. If you want to steam your face at home rather than outside of it, there is really no need for you to invest in such device. Actually, facial steaming is something that you may do using materials that can be found in your kitchen.

Without ending up with a gigantic hole in your pocket, you can enjoy the many different beauty benefits of having your face steamed. Some of the most impressive ones include:

A glowing complexion

Steaming improves blood supply to your face, which means that your skin gets all the nutrients and oxygen it needs. In addition, the removal of toxins in the cells is accelerated. This results in a complexion that unmistakably glows with health and beauty.

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Reduced blackheads

Are you prone to developing blackheads? Then it’s a wonderful idea for you to regularly steam your face. This procedure opens up the pores, allowing for trapped dirt and grime to be removed. With your pores squeaky clean, there is no opportunity for blackheads to form and ruin your appearance.

Better absorption

We all know that some of the most effective skincare products these days do not come cheap. If you want to get your money’s worth, consider using them after getting your face steamed — since steaming cleanses the pores, the ingredients in your beauty products get absorbed better.

Utmost relaxation

Facial steaming also has stress-busting properties, and we all know that stress is something that can easily ruin your complexion. At the end of a really tiring day, have a facial steam at home to attain relaxation, especially with the help of calming essential oils.

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Indeed, facial steaming is one of the simplest and most beneficial beauty treatments around. Now that you know some of the perks of facial steaming, it’s now time for us to discuss how it’s done properly at home so that you can skip heading to the nearest spa or beauty salon and spending a lot of cash:

Thoroughly clean your face with water and your favorite facial wash — the milder, the better! 

Carefully, pour boiling water in a medium-sized glass or ceramic bowl. 

Place your face a few inches directly above the bowl — close enough to allow you to feel the steam on your face, but not too close as to burn your skin. 

Drape a large towel over your head to make sure that the steam produced won’t get anywhere but on your face.

That’s how simple it really is to have your face steamed at home — it’s just as effective as the kind that you can pay for at your favorite spa or beauty salon.

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Make sure that you limit your facial steaming session to 5 to 10 minutes only. Also, refrain from steaming your face more than twice a week. If you want, you may place a few drops of essential oil to the bowl of boiling water, preferably something that offers skin benefits like rose, frankincense, geranium or chamomile.

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