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Yoga: Oils Your Gears Efficiently and Gently Prior to Running Exercises

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Getting intimidated by the word or activity of yoga, especially underestimating or worse ridiculing it is not in fashion anymore so sorry to say you oh so very macho, heavy weight lifting, prideful thing. Now hey there’s nothing wrong with wanting to be and look strong, all I’m saying is a good workout routine has to be varied to be effective. Even if your regimen is very heavy on running, lifting weights or other intense cardio and control ridden activities it shouldn’t be purely that. A small percentage of softer, more mellow exercises are great for everyone and going from soft to hard workouts is always good for your joints, especially if you are not that strong or healthy.

For anyone wanting the most out of a yoga routine or those who desire to be serious yogis, running has to be a part of their life too. Running should be a part of everyone’s. Running is one of the most important and effective forms of exercises and the fastest way to expose your abs, all stretching with no cardio can make your bones and ligaments weaker and your build flabbier and less defined.Depending if your endurance and strength levels are more advanced anywhere from a whole hour to an hour and a half or 2 done at least 4x a week is a good starting commitment for you more serious yoga enthusiasts. Over time you can build it to more complex, strenuous poses that involve more planks and body weight lifting or simply just add a muscle toning regimen to go with your yoga one. Squats with weights in different variations thrown in the mix will make your workout deadly effective.

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The improved flexibility is a wonderful benefit to attain and flexible joints combined with strong muscles makes the muscles more flexible and less prone to cramping or “muscle shortening.”You can be sturdy like a mango tree but take a bad blow and you may face an injury that can change your life or at least temporarily. Not good either way, it’s best to avoid injuries by incorporating more flex-related routines in our daily lives so we feel more fresh and springy and light.

Not to mention the way yoga helps you with stress. It trains your body over time to take stress like a champ, you are more focused and alert. Your mental state is more prone going into a positive place rather than a negative one. When you are facing some aches and pains or just a really rainy day, you can stick to some indoor cardio and more yoga to ease your body for the next heavier workout. As you loosen your spine, neck, shoulders, hips, hamstrings, knees, ankles, toes and whatever else you practice maintaining breathing rhythms. Maintaining the proper breathing rhythms maximize oxygen intake and expands the lungs, extending your endurance.

Just don’t overextend or overexert yourself and you won’t weaken your weak spots any further.It is important to loosen your locked or stiff bones and muscles but more focus has to be drawn to your lower half and core for runners.

Yoga mats are also great for doing indoor cardio exercises when you are only wearing socks or no foot wear at all. They are nice to have, they also cushion your ankles when you stretch your legs. If you still don’t have a yoga mat use a large towel at the moment that is preferably thick and large. As for your outfit, stretchy and slightly form fitting is better than just plain or loose. You will not only feel less lazy but you will feel your movement so much more viscerally, also more fitted, stretchy workout wear protects your skin from more friction. Yoga pants are a good investment but if you are feeling too conscious about your butt and crotch area wearing a long fitted shirt over it is a cheaper solution, but getting exercise leggings topped over with shorts will make you feel safer and also cover up sweat spots. Sports bras shouldn’t be mentioned, they should register as an automatic need girls, and with runners some girls need even 2 sports bras.You can wear your own wrist, knee or ankle supports if you are paranoid. Exercise bands are optional, good for poses that require a lot of pushed reaching and balance. You can wear socks only if they have grip bottoms or if you think you are really good that you won’t hurt yourself, bare feet on the mat don’t fear it.

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Here is a helpful starter guide for some poses that your body will love!

You really only need 10 good and focused minutes of yoga before a run but it would be nice to push for 20 if you are really stiff and haven’t exercised much in a while. Besides breathing exercises it’s nice to start with a seated hip-opening pose to ease the groin joints and crack the spine gently. This pose also helps relax the ankles. Obviously yoga with running hand in hand build up more balance which also prevents a whole pile of accidents.

Some of these poses are found in the Sun Salutation sequence which is a very popular body awakener. Standing leg stretches give your behind a nicer form and train balance too. Chest opening exercises open up your heart and lungs.

Also keep in mind that if you want to run and do a fuller yoga routine it’s better to do the majority of yoga after the run, for you will be more naturally wired.

Hope this was a helpful lot of workout tips, remember to commit a little bit everyday instead of sticking to the all or nothing mentality. Build from there and see results faster!

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